​Advice On Angelus for The Arc


​Advice On Angelus for The Arc

I started the Arc about two weeks ago and accept my architect set on the bonecrusher upgrade. Appropriate now I'm alive adjoin 96 fletching (88 atm) to makes bundles of bamboo.

I've absitively to stop acid aureate bamboo because I've already maxed woodcutting. Instead I ambition to yield advantage of the added assets available. I accept calm ~800 aureate bamboo and ~1k accustomed bamboo so far.

Which abilities should I alternation up to accomplish the a lot of chimes? These are the stats I accept so far:

- 89 of 90 Fishing for Tarpon.

- 91 cooking.

- 81 of 86 Agriculture for Berries.

- 75 of 90 Hunter for Tortles.

- 83 of 91 Mining for Salty Crablets.

- 80 of 90 Divination for Positive energy.

Also, should I be advance in the boutique upgrades for bigger affairs prices if my ambition is alone 25K chimes? The top bank assets are appropriate for chimes.

Ideally, you'll ambition to accumulate a acceptable aggregate of aggregate and actualize bluff soups for chimes. Some top tips from accepting the Salty title:

- Visit alien isles and if you anytime acquisition one with 2+ wobbegong spots, affirmation it. Those are, by far, the rarest top bank skilling spots (bar aureate idol) on the arc. Even if you abridgement the accomplishment akin to fish, it'll be able-bodied account it in the continued run for both angelus and best-in-slot afk fishing XP, aback you may never appear beyond an island with 2+ fishies again.

- ALWAYS accumulate ALL driftwood and save it. This is by far the a lot of able adjustment of accepting torn mushrooms. (transmute application divination later).

- Try to ability akin your abilities so that you can accumulate the alien resources.

1, An hour of fishing aberration (use admiral pie to boost) can accessible you for wobbegongs.

2, Amateur acreage should get your agriculture up to bulb seeds in Tuai Leit. Aswell note, acquisition from augment patches on the arc is apathetic and bad XP.

3, Crystallising grenwalls (forgot akin req) can net you 800k+ xp per hr. Addition to ~96. The accustomed tortles aren't account your time.

4, Unsure what the meta is for advocacy mining. Accede besmirched ore till you can abundance golden/alaea crablets.

5, Hall of memories or circadian caches to addition divination to 95. You in actuality allegation 95. Cannot addition to accumulate affiliated activity iirc. It's account training aloft this akin though, for about-face (driftwood -> mushrooms).

6, A brace of hours affable sharks.

- Already you accept the levels, bankrupt your claimed island daily, and go on lots of ample voyages. Ample are consistently best, for chimes, assets and taijitu (dispelling misconceptions).

- Priority upgrade: article advertise aggregate access (max this) -> accumulation aggregate abridgement (then this) -> added arrangement -> others.

- Affairs admonition a lot to addition XP and chimes. Buy several arrangement calling things from Boni to arouse the Tengu to your island. Already all your abilities are top abundant to administer alien resources, you can toggle the noticeboard abaft Sojobo to alone get alien tasks.

- Orokami are amazing. If you accept the hunter akin (95), do bolt them.

Tl;dr: akin your abilities and accumulate from alien isles. Afresh accomplish bluff soups and advertise it on the arc. Low bank assets are actual bad angelus per hour and poor XP per hour 25k angelus will yield a continued time afterwards the aloft prep. The aloft is 100x added fun that communicable tarpon for chimes, and is advantageous long-term.

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