Given the fact that they have to OSRS gold


Given the fact that they have to OSRS gold

Which actually sucks a big fat dick, given the fact that they have to OSRS gold learn and work in an ancient coding language that no one uses, which makes their experience little to worthless for any other jobs in the future.

I started when it was $5 a month, which is obviously $60 per year, with no discount for buying multiple months. I thought that was high. I quit for awhile and lost the grandfathered pricing status. I tried to play again, but between the steep price, the unfriendly pricing strategies, and especially the loot boxes that killed the fun in the game, it was simply not the same. It’s a game. It should be fun.

Have private servers actually implemented like half the game yet though? I've been out of that scene for a while, but from what I remember, half of the interactions were faked, and the other half didn't work. Like NPCs would walk through walls because they didn't have a server side version of the world map. And so doors were faked, and opening them would not always be in the correct direction.

At the end of the privet servers life they started to get good. Not complete, slayer was minimal and few quests, but i think if they fucked it up again some people would be dedicated on making a better version. Only reason the RSPS scene went away was because any player willing to go out of their way to play on a private server would rater pay the membership cost and just play actual osrs.

Even then, it's not like, "Oh you play and are a member the entire way through a year, so $132 a year." A lot of people have multiple accounts and pay on them for many months of the year, Id imagine a hefty chunk of the player base has multiple accounts that they use because of all the different alts you can make for different things.

Settled has obviously Swampletics and his main account, I think his name is UIM Verf who does the Karamja only UIM and also had his main that I think he still plays. Some people like Torvesta shares accounts since they do all these different PKing builds and it'd be too much work to make each one, but if that wasn't an option they'd like just make like 5 accounts at a time.

For a lot of players it's twice the amount too. Anyone that has a main and an ironman, or a pure, or a skilling alt. That's realistically $264 a year for one player.

While we're on the topic of security, just a reminder that passwords (at least since I last checked) are NOT case sensitive. Go try putting your password in block caps and let me know!

This game from the early 2000s where anyone can just take your account if they decide to costs more than Netflix for the whole goddamn family.

I've quit before, and I am prepared to do it again. I can walk away without much hesitation but that's not what I want to do. Put MTX into the game, and my bag can be packed before you finish reading this useless comment that no one will read.

That is insane. I just can't believe the amount of greed there must be to have all of that and be unable to give a single percent to creating a small support staff.

Any decent company in Buy Runescape gold 2019 absolutely SHOULD be aware of community opinions that are spread through social media. Especially with how easy Reddit makes it to track the image of your company. Why run focus groups when you can get the same feedback for free?

If executives of companies (especially games) were more active on platforms such as this, maybe they would be more in tune with what the community wants (especially a community as passionate as ours) instead of giving us what they think we want and they would be much more respected.

Not to mention it's a free source of great ideas for content. All they would need to do is implement it.

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