​How to pay for associates with just POF


​How to pay for associates with just POF

Hi there I currently pay for my associates appliance abandoned amateur endemic acreage and I've noticed a lot of humans administration misinformation about and basic to column at atomic a little of my ability to admonition humans out. That accepting said:

My accepted set up is 2 dragons in anniversary ample pen with studly, 2 zygos in anniversary med pen with blithesome and no food, chinchompa's in the blow including 4 chins in the ancestry pen all with at atomic studly.

Assuming you ambition to advertise them fast you can advertise chins for 60k (unchecked advertise for added on GE)70k-90keach, bby zygos for 150k each, and dragon eggs for 200k each. You can advertise for added if you are accommodating to yield the time. Bold you abandoned analysis already per day:

8 chins: 480k/day

2 zygos: 300k/day

2dragon eggs: 300k/day (use can use yaks and get basically the aforementioned bulk although they advertise slower)

4-8 pen chins: ~500k/day

Total: 1600k/day This abandoned will pay for a band every 14 days.

For added credit, I aswell acquirement 6 adol dragons 8 adol zygos and 12 adol chins every time the bell-ringer is up. 300k, 200k, 75k each

With these prices dragons bulk 150gp/bean zygos bulk 235gp/bean and chins bulk 300gp/bean. Authoritative wines you can apprehend ~350gp per bean. So the totals appear out to.

Dragons: 800k/day

Zygos: 400k/day

Chins: 150k/day

Total: 1350k/day

Assuming you Didn't get any of the animals for cheaper (you can), Don't bout any of the vendors adopted animals/traits (I do on zygos and dragons) and you don't acquire any adept agriculturalist pieces.

Total total: ~3000k/day band bulk is ~1600k/day.

To Accomplish money with the additional adjustment you allegation 99 agriculture and 92 cooking. Acquirement assorted seeds with your beans go to any Hops patch. Plant the seeds and autumn the grapes and frog pouches (don't overlook you can agenda your aftermath with the brownie free). The Agriculture cape will acceleration up the runs and the Blooming fingers ambience (extended) can actually advance yields. Bead or Use abracadabra notepaper on the swamp lizzards as they can't be acclaimed with leprechaun.

You acquire to accomplish the grapes in to wine to be able to advertise it. All-embracing it takes about an hour to actually activity 100 assorted beans (40k beans) While semi afk. Which comes out to about 10mil per hour.

Sorry for continued blocks of text. But hopefully this helps some people. Feel chargeless to ask me annihilation about this or absolute annihilation I acquire wrong.

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