I don't agree with the idea of Buy OSRS gold


I don't agree with the idea of Buy OSRS gold

I pay the same amount to Netflix a month and they produce a metric ton of original content that costs millions, and HBO go is only a few dollars more. Really feel like I get my money’s worth with those companies. Currently feel like o should be back to paying $5/m for Runescape gold.

But I don't think the larger scale is for the purpose of more investment so more content can be made. To me, it seems more short-sighted than that. Additionally, if it was the case, then Jagex would've had a large recruitment drive for developers back when they got bought. Netflix had an incredible focus on the technology, customer experience, and ever-increasing offerings that seems to be the core of most popular startups in the last decade. I'd love to see game companies adopt that focus.

I was exclusively f2p when I was a kid, from 2002 till the removal of the wilderness in 2007. I started watching some osrs YouTubers and figured I'd try it out again, being an adult that can afford membership for the first time. Please don't fuck up this game again.

This, I just cannot understand how there are still people on Reddit defending Jgex' customer support or community interaction. We have some genuinely nice mods, I would even like to think that most of the mods we know are some People that really care for the game. (because tbh mod ash's work and the Updates on osrs are reaaally good imho) However, the customer Support or community interaction is really bad. 

Look at these passive-agressive posts that other people pointed out, or the Bad customer support. (sorry but even if being hacked or smth is someone's own fault for the most part, looking at other mmorpgs, they do a way better job at actually telling someone what exactly was wrong and such) Therefore, I just think that Jagex-player communication is really bad atm, there are some very dedicated and seemingly honest, Hard-working and friendly mods out there like mod Ash and probably others that we do not know, but in general Jagex is fucking up big time.

If they raise membership one more time or try to squeeze more money out of me by locking crucial game material behind pay walls and ridiculous MTX, I will quit. Treasure Hunter is a joke. Every MTX is a joke. I pay for membership. I shouldn’t have to pay so much extra for stupid.

As someone who has been playing for 13+ years, maybe it is just time we rip the bandaid off and just hang our skill capes up for good. Lets be honest Jagex has pulled these stunts once and we know they’ll do it again. None of us can really grind like we could as kids because we are all adults now. Maybe it’s time we just come to closure with the game and let Jagex sink for being the absolute bastards they are.

Secondly, I don't agree with the idea of Buy OSRS gold being poor value. When compared with other activities the amount of hours entertainment people get from OSRS is huge. You can easily spend a whole year's subscription going to the cinema 6 times or 2 nights out at a pub. In fact it is inline with Netflix, Nowtv and Amazon Video.

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