Ideal model is in Runescape gold game


Ideal model is in Runescape gold game

The only time that it's not a successful or ideal model is in Runescape gold game where there is no real life market for that game's currency.

I disagree, a lot of people who wouldn't buy gold do because it is legitimise and risk free. I know I avoided it in my younger days and I didn't want my dad's credit card getting nicked. It promotes the sale gold and thus makes defacto micro transactions for all items.

I agree with you, it should stay in the underground and not be promoted, you should always be afraid of being banned or scammed. It's a deterrent, allowing it freely would legitimize pay 2 streamline which goes against the whole spirit of the time commitment that is vanilla. You should get pride and accomplishment from working hard to earn your stuff. If you want to be given stuff for paying then go play retail, this isn't the game for that.

Normally the problem with MTX is that it is letting you use money to purchase something that you would normally earn by playing the game.

But with something like that, you are already paying money to play the game, it is just a way for you to pay in game gold instead of real money. I honestly fail to see any downsides to something like that.

It has bonds. But that's the only MTX that OSRS has, and it's kinda a necessary evil given the gold farming issues in that game.

To buy an endgame weapon would be like 1400 dollars though (t bow) so it’s hardly pay to win unless you have serious fuck you money I mean, T-bow is great but you don't need it for end game content unless something's changed since I last played. 

But the average player can obtain the BP pretty quickly through game time as well, I was just trying to make the point that you’re unlikely to gain an unfair advantage (T-bow being a good example as it makes things like inferno/Jad/olm much easier) through bonds without spending crazy sums of money. But I see your point, you could catch up to an average player for roughly 100 bucks in reckon.

Yeah but everything in OSRS is polled before being put into the game. Adding a feature without a poll will piss of most of the players. Wow unfortunately does not have development polls.

Cash shops are for me the worst things that happened to MMOs. Even if its only cosmetics, its still gamebreaking for me. The point of MMOs for me is earning the prestiege (mount skins, weapon skins, armor, pets...whatever they sell) by playing. Even though I dont have the time to get the best things, I still want to see other players have them. I want it to be clear who invested the time and beat the hardest content.

Yep I always justified it because GGG is a small new Zealand company, but now that tencent owns them I haven't played the game since Early in EQ2s cash shop it truly oy had cosmetics and they were only reskins of items available in game. Still not the best but certainly more tolerable than what we have today.

If WoWC's success doesn't suffer a massive drop after a couple of months and still goes strong, you can be absolutely sure that a cash shop will be coming.

Let's not forget that this is the Blizzard that's been doing really bad financially for the past year, and been making bad decisions left and right. A cash shop for "cosmetics" will be just the right thing to increase earnings a bit.

I'll be crucified on here for this but I think something else. I think they will add burning crusade once server numbers start dropping and claim it was part of classic all along.

I really hope, or at least a permutation of the timeline going forward ala Buy Osrs gold.

This game will stagnate hard a year or two into it, I know people really don't really want to hear it, but vanilla really can't sustain a large playerbase over years.

I know the normal response is "but muh private servers" but they were so entirely niche that their numbers are dwarfed by the success of classic, to the point of them constantly opening new servers that will inevitably die when people start dropping off.

They need a draw, OSRS took RS and kept what made it special, let's hope that Classic can do the same, and retail can stay retail.

I would like to see them take a softer approach on updates like osrs. some moderately sized updates every 2 months instead of dropping content in one big dump. Classic seems like a good opportunity for blizzard to look at the ways their business model has suffered, and the ways its thrived. Sure expansions are a nice cash grab, but a constant stream of updates, maybe with smaller level cap raises would allow people to play at a steady pace and not get burnt out when they run out of things to do.

I am not sure to be honest, while what you say is true I also think the game now attracts a lot of people that have jobs and families. I don't really care if the 12h a day people run out of content fast, I know that there is enough for me to progress through.

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