​Master Adventure Cape is the de facto Archaeology Accomplishment Cape


​Master Adventure Cape is the de facto Archaeology Accomplishment Cape

You've apparently apparent calls for Archaeology (or added variants of the name) to be the "next skill".

What some humans overlook is that we already accept that covered with the Master Adventure Cape.

In adjustment to get that cape, you accept to alleviate about all of the belief in game. The history of things like Ripper Demons and Ugthanakos. Bits from rs07 quests and miniquests.

Archaeology flows thru every abandoned quest. You apprentice a little bit of the bold cosmos anniversary time you complete something (unless you amplitude bar thru it all).

Even then, adventure agreeable like The Dig Site, Meeting and Authoritative History, and The Elemental Workshop Series are alive and breath the act of digging thru history.

One of the added issues with absolution a accomplishment about this is that Jagex would charge to retroactively add XP for all of these belief books and quests.

Sort of like if you use the interface artisan to alleviate new Invention designs or materials. Thus players who accept the QP cape and MQC would get a massive billow in XP appropriate off the start.

The added affair with this is that Jagex didn't do that afore with Dungeoneering or Invention. Dungeoneering, for the longest time, was absolutely angry to Daemonheim/Bilrach.

It wasn't until the absolution of agreeable like Shifting Tombs and ED1 that you could plan Dungeoneering afterwards it accepting some continued abandoned ability alcove of Bilrach's or angry to the Dragonkin.

Yet, we run/ran lots of dungeons in bold already. Wouldn't the Underground Canyon count? The caves we explored for Legends Quest?

How about the bewilderment in Slike's Endgame? SHouldn't even the Stronghold of Security be annual a few hundred Dungeoneering XP? And Jagex didn't do annihilation to add those retroactively for XP.

Similarly for Invention. How abounding times accept we acclimated engineering abilities to advice things out? Yet there was no chase up for a little XP there.

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