​Raids Pet Peeves In RuneScape


​Raids Pet Peeves In RuneScape

I afresh saw an commodity actuality about bringing cavefishes on a yak to Yaka which gave me the abstraction of authoritative this column - arrest pet peeves.

I'm analytical that apperceive what are some of a lot of cool or acerbity inducing moments for you guys. This is all declared to be for fun or relatable purposes.

Here is a account of things that happened to me afore (maybe some of you can related):

- If you get blue-wash and your absolute aggregation runs abroad from you.

- If your aggregation is absolutely blank jellies if phasing for you to facetank all of them yourself.

- You're pt on bank but your bifold decides that his hp is added important than castigation and makes you bifold instead.

- You're bt but your aggregation dps is so bad that it took 5 sharknado cycles to get down sharks and 3 stuns to get through amaze pool.

- If you abrasion t90 adeptness accessory but aswell accompany 3 achtos in case of advancement tanking but some accidental dude on the aggregation bonfire you for bringing them again you analysis their invo and there's no afflict and they're cutting subgation but accept t92 boots (...)

- If you're a acceptable nt, tanking both amaze and bank on delusion while you're active abroad from 3 jellies in which the jw is boilerplate to be begin or camping by bt... but again your stun5s and stun0 bootless to annihilate amaze basin again alternation stuns stun basin - sending you out of the arrest with your ring of death.

- If you're stun5, but the nt doesnt voke all pools and you end up accepting to abolish your aggression aboriginal because you're now answer to nt by the nt!!! (Tanking both amaze and bank pools)

- If you're sh10 and acquaint your aggregation that you're missing 1 axle from the bank but delusion phases anyways. And you had to catchbasin the basin 3 times until anyone silently builds that endure plank... finally.

- BONUS: if your about survives bm and I highkey agnosticism on their adeptness to yaka.

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