Rework Vorago's Bead System


Rework Vorago's Bead System

As it stands, the accepted bead arrangement at Vorago (especially harder mode) is absolutely archaic.

- 5 piles, behindhand of aggregation size, bent about by dps/voke/bombs taken. Encourages xlogging for drops, role hogging, voking phases (especially the 1hp glitch), cipher absent to tl5, tryharding on timed phases area dps is irrelevant, etc.

- In harder mode, bomb catchbasin bead is accidental due to getting breach amid 2 bt's, and bisected of the dps phases in harder approach don't even aggregate for bead rolls.

- Vitalis reroll. Encourages alone traveling with players who own a Vitalis/have an Age-old Summoning Stone banked.

- Max 1 seismic per kill. No added administration with assorted rolls do this, anytime aback the rework of AoD drops.

Here is how I would handle it's...

The 5 drops would be accustomed as follows:

1, The amateur who jumped Vorago on p1. (Encourages tl5)

2, The amateur who took the a lot of affray hits. (Encourages basing and eliminates the voking part)

3, The amateur who took the a lot of abracadabra bombs. (Encourages bombing)

4, The amateur who took the added a lot of abracadabra bombs. (Encourages bombing in harder mode)

5, The amateur who dealt the a lot of damage. (Encourages dps)

Only the jumper cycle is appearance specific as it's the alone appearance that appearance it. Everything abroad is tracked throughout the accomplished fight, so it (sorta) eliminates the affair of tryharding on timed phases.

It would calibration to abate teamsizes as well. For example, in a duo Vorago kill, the abject would get drops 2, 4, and acceptable 5, while the bomb would get drops 1 and 3 (maybe 5 if your abject isn't acceptable at ambidextrous damage).

In addition, there will be a 6th added affirmed claimed cycle for all participants in the fight, for seismics, Vitalis and Bombi, on top of the accessible 5 rolls for them above. This makes it so that if you didn't win any of the above 5 drops, you still accept a adventitious at uniques (albeit abundant abate than if you had added drops). This eliminates the affair of rerolls if that artisan were to be removed, as able-bodied as xlogging for pets. It would aswell cycle for anybody per kill, acceptation anybody will accept some unique/pet adventitious anniversary kill. This is decidedly abundant for harder mode, area a lot of players tend to do bigger teams.

Also, obviously, the bead aggregate of seismics would accept to be bargain in adjustment to atone (or abroad cya seismic market, probably). For example, for aggregation sizes aloft trio, administer penalties to the bead rate. So like 4-man would be 1/2 the drop rate, 5-man would be 1/3 the bead rate, etc. I dunno just whatever works lol, agnate to how AoD is anti-massing for praesuls.

I adulation Vorago but it stands to see some advance over the acutely age-old code. This affair is apparently as harder as a bedrock to solve.

Note: I found this topic in Reddit, administration it on our website with you, acknowledge you for reading.

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