​RuneScape Weapon Diversity: Bows


​RuneScape Weapon Diversity: Bows

I'm a little agitated about the Seren Godbow's position in the weapon assortment beta. Here's a timeline of me award out about things:

1, Advance ambit buff, great!

2, Appropriate advance buff, great! (To be fair, it was added of a fix rather than a buff)

3, Weapon diversity, great!

4, Changes to shortbows and not longbows, sad! Ambition we still had 7 advance ambit so the SGB is included!

5, Amend on weapon assortment reveals they'll accord longbows an aftereffect as well, abundant afterwards all!

6, Wait a minute, Seren Godbow isn't in either category, it's a chargebow! That agency its alone aftereffect will be that it doesn't absorb arrows! That's sad.

Conclusion: SGB will apparently abide untouched. This is adverse because chargebows were in actuality a downside for the longest time.

It's anchored now with them accepting able to absorb arrows with appropriate attacks, but there's still no absolute annual added than extenuative you some money. That's NOT weapon diversity!

The alone acumen that the SGB is a chargebow in the aboriginal place, is so they didn't accept to actualize a new blazon of arrow.

So amuse Jagex, accede alleviative chargebows like their corresponding bow types in the weapon assortment amend (so long/short/shield).

If that's not an advantage or somehow "too strong" because they aswell get their ammo for free, amuse accede authoritative the SGB a approved bow that requires ammo!

This was yet accession one of my Seren Godbow rants. Seeing how Jagex is alert to our acknowledgment for this amend appealing well, I achievement added humans abutment my appearance on this so that Jagex adeptness consider.

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