Some of the best content Runescape gold game


Some of the best content Runescape gold game

I see this argument posted all over the internet and it just doesn't make a lick of sense to me. If you don't have time to play the game that doesn't mean we should break it just so you can get your 5 mins of fun in before bed time. Some of the best content Runescape gold game has to offer is actually the lower level content which with limited time will last you much longer.

A game shouldnt bend over and become easier/give away progress because a person personally dont have much time any more. so what, it takes "longer" to make progress? its taking the exact same amount of in-game time which is perfectly fair. nobody should get an unfair advantage just because they have less time and more money than another player. if they cant enjoy the game without buying additional ingame benefits with real money, this isnt the game for them.

I agree, the thing is. They already have a kind of pay to win feature. Bonds can be purchased for £3.99, 3 bonds for £11.99, 5 for £19.99 and finally 10 for £39.99. Bonds are currently valued at around 4.15 million GP in game. Buying gold is against the game rules except if you purchase and sell bonds.

£3.99 will get you Dragon med helmet, chainbody, platelegs and boots and a whip. Upgrade that to 3 bonds for £11.99 and you can change that to a platebody with a hell of a lot spare.

For £12 I could be set with my dream load out and the more bonds I buy the more in game gold I have.

Bonds wont get you your first fire cape, barrows gloves or other untradables. Bonds wont teach you how to beat difficult bosses. Bonds wont teach you to skill efficiently etc etc. I see your point though.

The thing is that bonds pay for a lot of the community's membership. it's an mtx that even people who don't spend money get benefits from. And in terms of late game that money doesnt really do anything and in early game it only provides small advantages that are only worth hours of 10 hours of gameplay or less which in the scheme of hundreds of hours isn't much. 

And once you get to endgame I can't imagine anybody's spending £1000 on a tbow and if they do they just paid for membership for 250 players so sure we'll turn a blind eye to the one guy who got a tbow through mtx for ~10.5 years membership given to the community. And this is all assuming these noobs know how to spend their money well. Most of them are buying 99 fletching for their first skillcape at which point who gives a fuck that's a useless and nooby skill anyway.

I agree wholly. That third paragraph is the ringer. Fix the customer service, the bugs, expand the support and dev team, just make the game better. We don’t even need a bunch of new content and goofy cosmetics, just improve the quality of the whole experience.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but they do not have a fat salary.

It's reasonable, but for their area which is expensive to live in, it's under average.

Edit: I just want to add that, of course we don't have 100% confirmation on this. It is based on old glassdoor reviews and redditors claiming to have worked there. Perhaps they've gotten raises along with the recent growth of the game,but I doubt it.

The whole partnerships thing is incredibly short sighted, there are lots of ways for them to partner up with other companies outside the game but utilising the brand of Buy OSRS gold.

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