​Some simple suggestions to complete association citadels


​Some simple suggestions to complete association citadels

As it stands appropriate now citadels are in fact a accomplished heck of a lot bigger than "vanilla" barrage citadels, it's easier than anytime to budget and advance them. With the (probably, maybe, someday) accessible absolution of rs3 adaptable i would like to put avant-garde a few accessory suggestions that will accomplish citadels a 100% advantage to all the abeyant new and abiding players as able-bodied as our accepted amateur base.

# T1-6 updates

1, Bastion pause; this would alone be accessible to t5 and above, Bastion abeyance removes budget in fact from the anniversary to anniversary grind, but with the catch, no upgrades or changes to the bastion can be fabricated until it's removed, and xp is decreased by 5% (for balance) from bastion activities, this would be a advantageous apparatus for clans that administer to adeptness t5 but either are blow absorption or artlessly don't admiration to go to 6 and 7 so they can leave their bastion as it is and benefit from a hardly decreased xp while not accepting to anguish about budget or aggregation counts.

2, Bastion to Bastion Trade; Bastion bargain would be accessible as anon as a association hits t3, this would be array of like a GE but for bastion resources, clans can put for bargain their antithesis assets (except for minions) in barter for another resource, bargain banned would alpha with 1 bargain per anniversary starting at t2 capping out at 5 trades per anniversary max at t7. Bargain would aswell be bound to your coffer except for t6 which can bargain with t7 due to accepting the aforementioned resources, so for archetype if i had a t2 bastion and we had an abject bulk of rock but little wood, we could seek for and 1:1 arrangement bargain rock for wood. (note for this one alone client or distinctively assigned dep owners would be able to bargain to prevent griefing)

3, Assassin labor; accessible starting at t4 dep owners and owners will be able to "hire" labor, assassin action is like bastion pause, accoutrement budget anniversary anniversary while still acceptance upgrades and budget however, anniversary anniversary 20% (can be decreased to 10% at t7) of your complete assets aggregate are taken as "payment" for the action beyond all skills, if alone budget is aggregate that anniversary in all abilities action will abort to accumulate budget and accustomed abasement will occur, authoritative this useful for abate clans that may allegation a specific adeptness to get say, a new statue, or that endure advancement for the battlefield to move on to advance the accumulate to next tier, but has a top abundant amount to accomplish it alone advantageous in those situations.

4, Bastion xp focus; This would act agnate to the Articulation of Seren, but for citadels and abiding one week, at the alpha of anniversary anniversary (and the day afore to anticipate missing a aeon by accident) the association client or one assigned dep can baddest a individual afar bastion accomplishment to accretion 5% additional exp that week, this accomplishment will abide additional until slated to change for the next cycle, at t7 this will automatically be additional to 7.5%.

5, Bastion affability gem; This one's alone accessible to players who acquire 99 (or higher) in at atomic 3/6 bastion abilities aloft extensive 3/6 99s in these abilities players may acquire a affability gem which will abundance all xp acquired that anniversary at the citadel, afresh at a 50-75% amount of the xp in the gem (50% for all abilities except for dung[65%] and slayer/invention/pray/herb[75% ea] ) to xp in addition skill! This would accomplish bastion added advantageous to maxed players or players with multiple 99s or all 99s in bastion abilities that would adopt xp in added skills.

# T7 exclusive

1, Bastion Antithesis - this is automatically afar aloft extensive t7 bastion antithesis is an advancement to abeyance in which no budget is required, but upgrades can still be bought for 25-75% added assets (ie abject cosmetics like walls amount 25% but dragons plots and added affluence upgrades agnate to it amount 75% more) authoritative it in fact advantageous to advancement to 7 from 6 which would accomplish 7 a authentic advantage instead of work.

2, Decreased amount for affability gems - a 10-5% abridgement to the amount of attuning xp you acceptable during the week, agenda you still acquire to acquire 3/6 99s to even admission this feature.

3, Decreased amount to assassin labor- assassin action costs 15% instead of 20%.

4, Bastion bargain - one added bargain per anniversary is awarded as able-bodied as application the adeptness to bargain with t6.

5, Bastion xp focus boost- as declared aloft this is additional to 7.5% automatically.

6, Association blow aperture - complete to t7 costing 10k prec and metal + 40k rock 10k copse and 1k minions (With a beloved amount of 10 per anniversary to budget to adeptness it) this aperture would act agnate to the blow aperture in prif acceptance teleports to contest the association hosts auto bent players to the apple 30 minuets afore to 1h afterwards the blow starts.

At a lot of i alone in fact achievement suggestions 5 and 1 are implemented, as citadels currently are so abutting to accepting complete allowances to accompaniment a association instead of alternative agreeable that a lot of focused groups (like pvm clans) avoid due to it being beheld as a decay of time to college affiliated players. I do achievement this assets some absorption as like i said afore with a little tweaking, citadels could be affiliated to Strongholds in Swtor or Dojos in Warframe; added ancillary activities that benefit anybody even the aristocratic of the elite.

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