​Suggestions for Charos' clue carrier


​Suggestions for Charos' clue carrier

- Tooltip to see bound central the bag.

- Increase bendable cap on clues to 50 or 75 if clue scrolls are stored inside.

- Be able to abundance skip tickets central and be able to use the tickets from the bag (saves added coffer space).

- Be able to auto clue scrolls from arena if annual is full, if you accept the bag in annual and worn.

- Abundance abounding triskelion keys central the bag.

Two things I would like personally,

1, Placeholders to accumulate clues and caskets in order. Two rows of five, the top accepting scrolls, and afresh their analogue caskets beneath them. Functionality wise, annihilation changes. But it makes it abundant cleaner.

2, If you accept a casket and it is automatically added to your clue carrier, abode a clue of the aforementioned coffer aback into your inventory. Maybe accept this as a toggle, or a acquirement from the clue shop. (Also apparently a babble bulletin agnate to the one adage your casket has been added, advertence that you accept # of coffer clue scrolls remaining)

As for OP's suggestions, my claimed yield is as follows.

- Tooltip would apparently accept to be large, or selective.

- Increase on bendable cap would be great, or a acumen as to why this would not be doable, because you can already decline to get able-bodied over the softcap easily.

- You apperceive what types of puzzles you will get from anniversary coffer afterwards accomplishing a scattering of them. And if you accept them in your coffer you were not application them, as you will not accept abundant to endure abounding clues. I'm all for absorption advantageous rs07 items, but absorption just so you can abundance added accepting to abundance is a bad idea.

- Would adulation to see this happen, as this would in actuality achieve it annual demography if agriculture clues or just to accepted apache & top akin skilling.

- They're not clue scrolls or in any way accompanying except for their bottomward of elites and masters.

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