The OSRS gold game is doing great and can last long term


The OSRS gold game is doing great and can last long term

Jagex knows how addicting the game can be, and how many players are already grabbed by the balls. That’s why they can put in MTX and make a profit. However, that profit will only be short-term for all the reasons you stated.

I’m a long term childhood player, but I quit between 2011-2016 and frankly those were some of the greatest years of my life. As much as I love this game, you hit the nail on the head, and I’m prepared to quit again, the OSRS gold game is doing great and can last long term, but if they want to milk it dry for short term cash, and cater to the new-age pay to win community, which completely undermines the entire RS history of a grindy game, I’m out.

This is it, RuneScape is a grindy game, P2W is the antithesis of this game. Anyone who RWTs, bots, etc. is totally unworthy of any accomplishment in this game.

We live in an age where P2W is the norm, can we just have one game where you actually need to git gud, put time into it and not be some little pussy bitch with a credit card?

To those who want P2W and MTX, why the fuck are you here? You can literally play any other fucking game to get your stupid fix of instant gratification that you did nothing to earn, leave us and our game alone.

I feel like there's some sort of connection to the "Get Gud" mindset of Dark Souls/Soulsborne players. They literally don't have room to develop and cater to these two differently oriented play styles.

The constant internal turmoil that's caused by the games design brings us together, both the immense pressure that can be put on the player and the rush of that reward when you reach your goal.

I think learning to play Soulsborne games is similar because it can be so disheartening and it makes those without a true appreciation for the world design, art and gameplay leave. I have friends that refuse to play both Dark Souls and Runescape (because they're "too hard"), and it's really sad I don't get to have experiences with them. But I understand that if they had the game the way they wanted, the rest of us would be stripped of a beautifully designed piece of art.

Certain sacrifices bring good to the masses, unfortunately hindsight is 20/20 and it looks like Jagex may need some new readers.

Because these games are an acquired taste and the best things in life are an acquired taste, I'm sure Dark Souls could be appreciated by a wider audience but to do so it would've needed to change itself for the worse and in Dark Souls that would be disastrous as Souls games never excel in any one particular area but instead are a wonderfully packaged experience.

This is why people got very defensive when some game journalists proposed an easy mode for Sekiro. Because they feel it would make the game feel less special, like it would devalue the experience of the game.

Haven't played for long time as well, but at least in pvp there were some pretty hard mechanics of changing the armour/weapon during combat based on what weapon/armour the enemy is using/will use on the next attack. Also, there were some combos to finish the combat (changing to 2h sword and using some special attacks to deal a lot of burst dmg). Yeah, the grindy part was huge, but there were some tricks too.

Do you think if you did an winrsgold Runescape gold raid or did a infernal Cape run you could do it without practicing? I'm only 90 combat so I can't say kuch but from watching I know I'd need to practice and get good at it. Stats are important of course but there are a lot of aspects of the game that require the stats but have technical gameplay elements required Edit: yeesh so many people here who are against the idea that learning something and practicing it isn't acquiring or becoming skillful at it...

I guess all the low combat level internal cape players aren't any more skillful than those who haven't To be devil’s advocate, I don’t have the time to grind like I did when I was younger and buying a bond every now and then really does improve my experience.

Working 30 hours a week during school year while studying Engineering full time... and working full time during the summer. I probably shouldn’t publish this comment but yeah... I think it’s a reality for a lot of us.

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