OSRS F2P & P2P 1-99 Fishing Guide

OSRS F2P & P2P 1-99 Fishing Guide


Fishing is a serene, relaxing and insistent skill that's quite easy to train and it is fun for making dialogue with other players at Old School Runescape. The greater your fishing level is, the quicker you will obtain your preferred fish, it is going to allow you to get decent XP prices, unlock various Quests and Achievement Diary tasks which you would otherwise can't complete. Today, we'll share with you the best ways and advice to get level 99 Fishing for both F2P and P2P.

General tips

Be sure to have the appropriate fishing gear in your inventory.
Net fishing: Small Web
Bait fishing: Fishing pole, fishing lure
Fly fishing: Fly fishing pole, feathers
Harpooning: Harpoon
Cage fishing: Lobster pot
Highly recommended to finish the Sea Slug quest
The initial 1-24 fishing level could be skipped by finishing the Sea Slug pursuit in about 20 mins, the sole requirement for this exploration is 30 Firemaking and can be completed rather quickly. This is a much quicker route for premature Fishing training than catching fish.
Currently, from levels 1-40, the Free to Perform methods and the Pay to Play methods are the same
Level 1 - 20: Shrimp and Anchovies
If you can't finish the Sea Slug pursuit to receive 24 levels, then you may get through Level 1 - 20 by fishing Shrimp and Anchovies. First, you want a little Fishing Net, travel to a suitable fishing spot. The simplest place to get is just South of the Draynor Bank, whereby you will find loads of net spots. At Level 15, you will begin to fish Anchovies in addition to Shrimp, from precisely the exact same fishing spot. You will want to grab 447 Shrimps to attain sufficient XP for Level 20.
Level 20- 40: Trout and Salmon
From levels 20, you want to prepare a Fly Fishing Rod, and Feathers(you can pick them up in the Grand Exchange). The most popular place for Fly Fishing is in Barbarian Village over the bridge, you will see that the very popular trout fishing place just north of the bridge on the west side. As soon as you've reached level 30, you will start catching salmon and can expect to receive between 30,000 and 50,000 Fishing experience per hour. If you decide to drop your fish instead of bank them, you may gain slightly more experience per hour.
F2P methods
Level 40-50: Lobster
At level 40, If You're a Free to Play participant, you can fish for Lobsters on Karamja in Musa Point, if you have completed Dragon Slayer, you can use the Corsair Cove Resource Area to fish lobster
Your exp/hour will be considerably lower than it had been power-fishing the trout and salmon, but you are going to be making considerably more money. Soon, you will be level 50, and you can move onto bigger and better fish tuna.
Level 50-99: Tuna and Swordfish
At level 50, buy yourself a harpoon and it's much better to bank your swordfish, which you can quickly begin catching and dropping your lettuce because banking takes so long, you may do the same with Swordfish/Tuna as with Lobsters: shed, sell, or trade. You'll reach a desired level soon enough. They're fished at the same place on Karamja in Musa Point, and the Port Sarim Deposit Box is the best for Free to Play gamers. If you are double training your cooking ability, you can hang on to both and electricity cook all of them, or bring your favourite fire making equipment to cook them on the place and drop the fish that is burnt.
P2P Methods
Level 40-70: Lobster
Members have significant benefits of fishing lobsters, you can use the lobster fishing place in Catherby. Here, you are much closer to a lender than Karamja, and this makes this a very viable solution for fishing until level 63, At level 50, fishing for swordfish becomes a viable option, providing quicker exp than lobsters, even though it still provides less experience than fly fishing. At level 63, it's highly advised that you get an admiral pie and proceed into the Fishing Guild.
Level 48-99: Barbarian Fishing
At Level 48, you can unlock Barbarian Fishing, you want to finish a little mini-quest in Otto's Grotto, which is slightly south of the Barbarian Outpost (obtained via Games Necklace). Once completed, you will be awarded a Barbarian Rod, which will let you train through Barbarian Fishing. You may get even higher rates of fishing XP through 3-tick Barbarian Fishing (up to 110k XP/hr at level 99). This is regarded as the fastest and most effective way of training fishing, giving you up to and over 50 000 XP per hour. However, you can't receive any profit, since there are no banks near, and it's totally pointless to bank these fish because you can't actually do anything together.
Level 62-99: Monkfish
Monkfish provide the best gain per hour of any Fishing ability procedure.
At level 62, finish the pursuit Swan Song, and then you may start fishing monkfish in Piscatoris Fishing Colony place, which supplies more gain than lobsters or trout/salmon. These are super AFK, therefore, it makes it a really, really good method if you're active in real life doing homework, or other things like this. Obtaining from level 62 -- 99 makes you 32 000 000 and can get you about 100 000 GP per hour. If you would like to make even more money with this process, you can cook the Monkfish for an additional 80 000 coins per hour approximately.
Level 65 - 99: Karambwans
At level 65 Fishing and following conclusion of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, you should begin catching karambwans. For karambwan fishing, you'll require a karambwan vessel and uncooked karambwanji for bait. Raw karambwanji can be captured north-east of the fairy ring CKR. The ideal place to capture karambwans is just north of the fairy ring dkp. Therefore having rapid access to a fairy ring (like the pursuit point cape, Slayer rings or a fairy ring in your home ) is strongly suggested for this method. Players may bank the fish at Castle Wars employing a ring of dueling, Edgeville with an amulet of glory or Shilo Village Underground Mine with Karamja gloves 3 or 4. The downside to this system is that you will want to spend time catching or buying Raw Karambwanji (lure ) from the store on Karamja. This will decrease the time spent actually grabbing Karambwan, making it feature XP and GP rates for this method. It's however generally agreed that Karambwans are far better to grab than their competitor, Monkfish.
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