Old School Runescape F2P & P2P Cooking Guide

Old School Runescape F2P & P2P Cooking Guide


Cooking is among the easiest skill to attain 99 levels in Old school RuneScape, It Isn't the Most useful skill but you'll be rewarded because attaining maximum level is gratifying, so it is definitely worth heading for Level 99 early. Today, we'll share with you the best ways and advice to get level 99 cooking for both F2P and P2P.

Cooking Gauntlets

Cooking gauntlets are a pair of gloves available after finishing the Family Crest quest, It's highly advisable to get it before you continue cooking as this will significantly decrease the amount of fish you burn off from here on out. This can help greatly with your OSRS cooking training.

Cooking Locations

There are various places in OSRS where you are able to cook food. The most popular and recommended place is the Rogue's Den, located beneath the bar in Brimhaven. As the Rogues Den takes the prize for the closest one to a lender. The fire is literally no steps away from a financial institution. You can bank and start cooking straight away.

The only area better than the Rogue's Den is in the Myth's Guild, which requires the completion of Dragon Slayer II. This place has a cooker and a bank diagonally near the stove, which makes it better than the Rogues Den because of it being a stove rather than a fire.

Currently, from levels 1-50, the Free to Perform methods as well as the Pay to Play methods are the same.

Level 1-15: Shrimps

Shrimp can be caught with no requirements. At level 1, the simplest thing to do is grab and cook shrimp. They do not need anything to fish so that you can acquire fishing experience at exactly the exact same time. A fantastic location is a flow near Lumbridge Castle. You'll have to cook a total of 81 Shrimps to reach level 15.

Level 15-30: Trout

As soon as you hit level 15, you can begin cooking Trout. In case you've got 20 fishing, you can catch trout in the Barbarian Village or at Lumbridge. Trout are extremely handy and every one of these gives 70 experience. Some fishers will fall trout whilst they fish to accelerate their experience gain. If you go into Barbarian Village on a populated Earth, there are usually people giving away free trout and salmon.

Level 30-50: Tuna

At level 30, you can proceed to cooking tuna. It is possible to catch tuna at Karamja using a harpoon, but you want 35 fishing. You can also pick up lost tuna, but be certain you bring an axe and tinder since you won't be able to discover a cooking stove in Karamja. Accounting for lettuce burnt, you need to buy approximately 1015, since you will have burnt at about a 1:3.5 ratio minus the cooking gauntlets from the time you reach level 50. You will have to successfully cook 790 Tuna to reach Level 50.

Level 50-99: swordfish

As soon as you hit level 50, for Free to Play players, you can cook swordfish. Swordfish can be captured in Musa Point in Karamja, but you will need level 50 fishing. It's recommended that you don't cook swordfish until level 86, because that way you won't burn as many fish. It'll be a lengthy grind to cook swordfish each the means from level 86 to 99. Swordfish yields 140 experience every cooking, you will have to cook 67,000 swordfish. A higher Cooking level ought to be attained before beginning to cook swordfish, since the burning speed is high among them.

If you buy fish directly and market the fish you cook, you are going to spend about 4 million from level 1 to level 99.

For pay to play with players, membership will greatly hasten the experience you can gain per hour, saving you many hours of grinding. There are several procedures.

Level 35-99: Wines

At level 35, if you're a member you'll be able to unlock the fastest cooking method from the sport, and that's cooking Wines. From levels 35-99, it is going to take you about 20 hours to get to 99 Cooking, and you'll be getting 500 000 XP per hour. You may need 65 000 wines to do so, and it will cost you 13 000 000 from level35- 99. Obviously, that's kind of expensive for Cooking.

Level 50-68/75: Lobster

As soon as you reach level 50, you must start cooking lobsters. You can buy lobsters in the Grand Exchange

(depending on Grand Exchange costs to gain from cooking lobsters). You will want to cook about 9,000 lobsters to reach level 75. This will take about 10 hours of fishing. For those who have a whole lot of cash, you can accelerate the process by quitting lobsters after you reach level 68.

Level 68 - 99: Jug of Wine

At level 68, it is possible to go straight to creating jugs of wine. Creating jugs of wine is among the quickest Cooking training methods from the game. All you will need to do is purchase a jug of water and apply the blossoms on the jug of water. If done correctly it is possible to gain gigantic experience drops. Successfully making a jug of wine grants you 200 experience. You may create jugs of wine all the way to level 99. It will take about 35 hours to perform, and you will want to spend approximately 10M GP.

Levels 75-80: Swordfish

If you can't afford to utilize the Jugs of Wine method, you should instead stick to lobsters and then proceed to swordfish at level 75. Successfully cooking swordfish grants you 140 Cooking experience. You will need 775,647 XP to reach Level 80, which means that you will want to cook 5,541 Swordfish successfully, whereby you will have the ability to cook Sharks. Raw and Cooked Swordfish cost is comparable, so as usual, you will only make a reduction in your burnt fish, which is again rather slight.

Level 80 - 99: Shark

It's highly recommended to start straight away at level 80 to cook sharks as you'll just burn 11-12percent at Rogues' Den. From level 80 and onwards, you'll burn less than 8 percent of the sharks which you cook if you use the Hosidius kitchen and cooking gauntlets. You might lose a little bit of money in the beginning from burning them. Nonetheless, you will profit after you reach level 94. You might lose a little bit of money in the beginning from burning them. Nonetheless, you will profit after you reach level 94. At level 91, players will only burn about 3-5%. Successfully cooking shark grants you 210 experience, therefore 52,612 successfully cooked bees are required from level 80 - 99, and 36,610 successfully cooked bees are demanded from Level 90 - 99.

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