OSRS Mid-Level Money Making

OSRS Mid-Level Money Making


We understand the struggles of mid-level accounts in OSRS gold. You want to make some gold, but the money-making methods for mid-level accounts are few, most of them not worth the time and effort. However, you’re in luck! We’ve done the hard work – and assessed dozens upon dozens of mid-level money makers and compiled our list of the best money-making methods for mid-level accounts in OSRS. We’ve ordered them from least to most GP per hour, so have a look at what suits you!

Stringing Yew Longbows – 250k GP/hr

Levels Needed: 70 Fletching

Starting off, we’ve got a simple method that grants decent fletching experience too – stringing yew longbows! For this method, all you’ll need is some unstrung yew longbows (a lot of it), and the same amount of bow strings.

Now, you should go head to a 1-click banking spot. For example, we recommend that you go to the Grand Exchange, as you’ll be able to quickly sell of your yew longbows as you make them. Once you’re at the bank, open it up, withdraw 14 unstrung yew longbows, as well as 14 bow strings.

Then, use them on each other, and select the ‘Make All’ option for the longbow. Your character will then get to making the longbows. After you complete an inventory, deposit your longbows, withdraw 14 unstrung yew longbows and 14 bow strings, and start again. Let the profit roll in!

Making Oak Planks – 340k GP/hr

Levels Needed: 50 Fire making

Quests Needed: Enlightened Journey

Moving on, a relatively low-level money maker, yet very reliable, is making oak planks. As you may know, oak planks are very important when it comes to training construction in OSRS, and therefore it is in high demand. This allows you to take advantage of it and make some profit!

To do so, you’ll need a stack of coins, some willow logs, oak logs (26 times the amount of willo logs), and some rings of dueling. Once you’ve got all your items, head to Castle Wars, which you can access via the teleport option with your ring of dueling. At the Castle Wars bank, withdraw 26 oak logs, a willow log, and your stack of coins. Next, run north and head to the Balloon, and choose to travel to Varrock.

At Varrock, head slightly north and you’ll reach the Lumberyard, where you can find the Sawmill Operator. When you talk to him, choose the option to ‘buy planks.’ After converting your logs into planks, subsequently use the ring of dueling to head back to Castle Wars and repeat it all over again!

Casting Tan Leather – 410k GP/hr

Levels Needed: 78 Magic

Quests Needed: Lunar Diplomacy & Hard Fremennik Diaries

For all you magicians, you don’t need to head to a tanner to tan your leather anymore! With the lunar spell book, you can instantly tan leather at the push of a button. And best of all, you can make profit while doing so! For this method, you’ll need to get a fire staff, stack of astral runes, stack of nature runes, and a stack of blue dragonhides.

From there, ensure that you; re on the lunar spell book, and head to a bank where you can quickly withdraw your items, such as the Grand Exchange. With your fire staff equipped, withdraw your nature runes and astral runes, as well as 25 Blue Dragonhides. Use the ‘Tan Leather’ spell in your spell book and use it on the leather. Keep going until you’ve tanned all 25 leather in your inventory. After that, bank your leather, withdraw some more, and keep going!

Crafting Blood Runes – 550k GP/hr

Levels Needed: 77 Rune crafting, 38 Mining, 38 Crafting

Other Requirements: 100% Arceuus Favor

Moving into the rune crafting realm, you’ll be diving into one the best money makers that rune crafting has to offer – crafting blood runes. For this method, you’ll need to get a chisel and any pickaxe. To speed up the process, use some weight-reducing gear, like graceful equipment.

With your items and equipment, head over to the Blood Altar, which you can find north of the Arceuus House Library, in the Great Kourend (as shown on the map adjacent). Now, it’s time to mine some dark essence. You can find this dark essence at the dense runestone mine, with a chisel in your inventory. After mining a full inventory of dark essence, head to the Dark Altar by heading west. At the dark Altar, click on it to venerate the dense essence blocks into dark essence blocks. Next, use your chisel on the dark essence blocks, and you’ll make dark essence fragments.

Time to do it again! Go mine some more dark essence blocks and head to the blood altar. At the altar, simply click ‘bind’, and you’ll end up with blood runes. After that, just chisel the rest of the dark essence blocks into dark essence fragments, bind them on the blood altar, and there you go, another stack of blood rune! Keep going, and watch the profit fly in.

Hunting Black Chinchompas – 785k GP/hr

Levels Needed: 73 Hunter

For our final method for our medium level money making guides, we’re going for a fan favourite – hunting black chinchompas! So, in order to do so, you’ll need some basic gear to defend against player killers, 6 box traps (bring spares), a ranged weapon, an Ava’s accumulator, and a charged amulet of glory.

Next, it’s time to go the Wildnerness. To do so, you’ll need to take the Edgeville Canoe, which is right outside the Grand Exchange, as shown on the map. With the canoe, select the ‘A Waka’ option, which will take you west of the black chinchompas hunting ground. Then, just head east until you get there, as seen on the map.

To catch these black chinchompas and start making some money, set up your box traps in a similar pattern to how the image adjacent shows. If you’ve only got access to 5 box traps, just remove the northwest box trap, or the northeast box trap. The rest is normal hunting, just collect your box traps as they either successfully catch a black chinchompa or dismantle. Using a ranged weapon can help you lure them in if they run off. After getting a few chinchompas, use your amulet of glory to teleport back to Edgeville, and start the process again!

And that wraps up our OSRS money making guide for medium level players. Stay tuned for more guides, such as money-making guides for low level and high-level players!

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