Rag and Bone Man OSRS Quest Guide

Rag and Bone Man OSRS Quest Guide


The Rag and Bone Man OSRS gold takes players on a journey to collect bones for the Odd Old Man to complete his odd collection. For this novice and medium quest, you’ll need 8 coins, 8 pots, 8 logs, a tinderbox, a light source (such as a lantern) and a rope (if you haven’t been down to the Lumbridge Swamp Caves before). We also recommend you bring along a spiny helmet, teleports to Varrock and Lumbridge, a dig site pendant, an amulet of glory, a dramen staff for fairy ring teleports and access to the balloon transport system. Let’s jump into it!

Quest Start

To start the quest, you’ll need to talk to The Odd Old Man, who is situated in Silvarea to the east of Varrock and west of Paterdomus temple. If you're travelling from Varrock, walk east of the city and through the gate near the Earth Altar, directly east of Saradomin's nearby statue. When you are returning from the dig site, walk around the mountain north and east. You can also use the balloon transport system as one of the destinations is directly northwest of the gate (it is suggested to unlock the location of Castle Wars due to its proximity to a balloon. Use the minigame teleport to Castle Wars, then travel to the location of the Varrock balloon. The Odd Old Man is a relatively short eastward distance). Getting to him would lead you down the same road as it will lead you to Canifis. Halfway down that path, you will find the Odd Old Man to the north, just slightly northwest of the limestone quarry (marked on your minimap by a quest icon, right next to the icon of the mining site).

Talk to him and he'll tell you that to complete his collection, he needs some bones. After getting the list, talk to him again to make him list each bone individually; go through the chat dialogue where he asks you what bones you make left and where to get them individually, before he directs you on how to polish the bones in vinegar. If you don't talk to him and go through the whole dialogue, you won't be able to add bones to the vinegar pots later unless you talk to him, so doing this will save you a trip or two in an effective way.

Getting the Bones

You’ll now need to get 8 bones. You can get the giant rat bone by killing a giant rat, such as one south-east of Varrock by the mine. You can get the unicorn bone by killing a unicorn, such as one in the forest south-east of Varrock. You can get the bear ribs from a bear, such as one in the forest south-east of Varrock. You can get the ram skull from a ram, such as one in the sheep pen south of Varrock. You can get the goblin skull from a goblin, such as one east of Lumbridge. You can get a big frog leg from a big frog, such as one in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. You can get a monkey paw from a monkey, like one east of the Karamja Volcano. And finally, you can get yourself a giant bat wing from a giant bat, like one in the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon. While you’re at it, get 8 jugs of vinegar from Fortunato in Draynor Village.

Polishing the Bones

Make pots of vinegar by using the jugs of vinegar on your pot, then use the bones on it to make bone in vinegar. Go back to the old man with the eight vinegar bones, a tinderbox and eight logs. Any sort of logs works, provided you have the level of fire making to light up the logs. Use a log near the pot-boiler next to the Odd Old Man to polish the bones. Then use a bone on the pot boiler in vinegar and eventually use your tinderbox to light it up. Each pot takes 12 seconds to boil. Repeat with all eight bones on this. Speak to the Odd Old Man and give him the bones polished to complete the quest.

There you go – quest complete! The rewards of this quest are: 1 quest point, 500 cooking experience and 500 prayer experience. You can now also start the Rag and Bone Man II quest. Have a good one!

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