The Golem Quest Guide

The Golem Quest Guide


The Golem is a quest that revolves around the remains of Uzer, which is a city in the Kharidian Desert. The city was previously defended by a clay golem. It’s up to you to utilise the golem and uncover how the city was destroyed.

For this intermediate and medium quest, you’ll need 20 crafting, alongside 25 thieving. For the items, you’ll need a vial, a pestle and mortar, a papyrus, 4 soft clay, 2 Shantay pass, Phoenix feathers and a strange implement (obtainable during the quest). We recommend you bring along desert protective clothing, waterskins, energy potions, rings of duelling (to get to Al Kharid), Dig site teleport, 2 Varrock teleports, a dramen/lunar staff, a necklace of passage, a hammer and a chisel.


To start the quest, head to the ruins of Uzer and speak to the golem. You can use a Necklace of Passage teleport to Eagles' Eyrie to get there quickly, if you need help ,you can also buy osrs gold. Steal a Phoenix Feather and mine some clay while you're here if you haven't got them already, then run southeast. Alternatively, take dlq fairy ring code and head northeast. Upon reaching Uzer, offer to repair the golem to start the quest.

Repairing the Golem

The first thing you should do is get the broken clay golem repaired. If you haven't brought your own clay, go northwest and mine four pieces of clay while wearing a clay bracelet into the soft clay. While there, you can later steal the appropriate phoenix feather. It can take several tries. When you use the soft clay on the broken clay golem, it will get less damaged and fixed at last. He'll tell you he's been trained to kill a mighty demon, Thammaron. You need to help him bring the demon to death. Ask him how to open the portal.

The Dig Site

Head east of Varrock to the Digsite. Fast ways to get to the digsite are using a gnome glider or a Digsite pendant / teleport. Find Elissa in the Digsite's north-eastern section and tell her you have found a letter with her name on it. She is going to tell you about the notes of her late husband, and where they are. Go to the Exam Centre after talking to her and look for the most bookcase in the south-east. You’ll find the notes there. Read them.

Go to the Varrock Museum and ask Curator Haig Halen about a missing statuette in the ground floor. To ask the Curator about the statuette you must have the strange implement in your inventory. Then, pickpocket him to get a key for the cabinet. Unlock the upstairs display case to steal the statuette. It is in the first row of display cases on the 1st floor and the fourth case as you ascend the stairs.

Back to Uzer

Before returning to Uzer, make sure your inventory contains the necessary items you’ve gained and stored throughout the quest. There is a bank just south of the building, if you don't. Move towards Uzer 's ruins from the Shantay Pass or through the dlq fairy ring code/ If you haven't already done so, snatch a Desert Phoenix phoenix feather close to the clay mine. If you walk back to the Varrock ruins after crossing the bridge, head north along the river's east bank to get there. Enter the dungeon near the golem at Uzer and go midway. Using the statuette on the wall at the empty alcove, turn them all north towards the double doors to open the lair of the demon.

Go inside to discover that Thammaron had long since perished in the battle from his wounds. Use your chisel and hammer on the throne to get six gems. Go outside and talk to clay golem again. He wasn't trained to assume the demon is dead, so you need to reprogram him. Use your pestle and mortar on the black mushroom for making black mushroom ink with an empty vial in your inventory (be careful not to eat the mushroom). To make a phoenix quill pen, use the phoenix feather on your ink and then use it on your papyrus to write a Golem program. Go back to clay golem. Using the strange implement and then the golem program to get your reward from him.

Congratulations – quest complete! The rewards for this quest are: 1 quest point, 1,000 thieving experience, 1,000 crafting experience, 6 gems, access to carpet rides to Uzer and black mushroom ink. This quest is also needed for the completion of the Shadow of the Storm. In addition, this Rag and Bone Man OSRS Quest Guide can also help you. Good luck!

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