But still more consistently that OSRS

But still more consistently that OSRS


And typically the potential XP scales up with the XP requirements nearly equally, making high levels take as long as low levels. OSRS gold doesn’t scale nearly as well, especially when lower level training methods are often the better XP/hr than higher requirement methods.

Yeah, you don't really start to feel it until around level 70 in my experience. It felt like a very sudden shift from "oh ill just work on this for a little while" to "wait wait wait at the best possible exp rates a non-afk method is going take me all day to get one level!?"

Other RPGs also scale up the xp rewarded, so that you still level up slightly slower, but still more consistently that OSRS.Is 92 the half way point in exp? Dont most skills get faster the more you level them, in terms of exp/hour?

Some of them do, but a lot of them don't, and the meta efficient and afk methods are generally unlocked in the 20-60 range, and 60 is only about 2.5% of the way to 99, which means that the increased rates tend to barely move the halfway time.

Every time someone tells me u dont need to learn math to be a programmer reminds me of this shit formula for exp.

You don't need to learn math to learn java and make some CRUD repo. You do need math for pretty much anything visual. And having mathematical insight really helps when you're making stuff, even when you're not actually using maths.

That’s not true as much anymore - before we had good graphics libraries it was 100% reality; however, now with there being a billion things that wrap DX such as WPF, Unity, Turtle, etc - they tend to abstract the math away. Even complex sunshafts & eye sight view & collision detection for game development is mostly abstracted away. And very well optimized at that

The only part where you really would need math in buy runescape mobile gold programming would be algorithms on the backend, and it’s additionally very helpful for data structures (because they share many of the same turns - arrays are matrices, queue, etc) on top of more easily understanding why to use X type.

I do agree with the making stuff part too. Something about really learning math helps with your ability to logically think through problems and split it into small chunks. Which are essential for writing code.Spot on. I find that it is very rare that I actually need math above maybe 9th grade level when programming, but having taken some math classes in college has definitely given useful, if not strictly necessary, insights.

This is somewhat a misnomer. Yes, numbers wise, it’s 50%. Time wise, for most skills, it’s not because as you raise levels, you raise more XP efficient things. Though the higher the lever, the more time it takes. And for some skills, lower level training techniques are more efficient than higher level.The half point in time is still a lot closer to 92 than it is 56 though. Assuming efficiency for most skills i bet it would be somewhere in the 91.

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