OSRS Rum Deal Guide

OSRS Rum Deal Guide


Welcome to our guide for the Rum Deal quest in OSRS gold! As the second quest in the pirates’ series, we aim to help you complete the quest efficiently and optimally.

This particular quest is rated as having a difficulty of “Experienced” and is of medium length. However, we’ll provide you tips to reduce that medium into short, to allow you to maximise your time.


You must have completed Zogre Flesh Eaters, and that quest’s prerequisites, including Jungle Potion and Big Chompy Bird Hunting. You must also have completed Priest in Peril. As far as skills go, you need to meet/surpass the following levels:

  • 40 Farming
  • 42 Crafting
  • 42 Slayer
  • 47 Prayer
  • 50 Fishing

All these skills can be boosted up to the required levels, with the exception of Slayer. You’re also going to face a level 150 enemy, who will attack you using Melee. So, preferably you’ll bring Mage gear or alternatively, Melee gear. As long as you’re able to defeat an enemy of that caliber, you’re practically ready to go. Note: safespotting is possible, but you don’t want to be immediately or accidentally one-hit. Hence, using Ranged gear despite it being weaker in the combat triangle is also acceptable.

There are some items that you’re going to have to bring along, as with any quests. Collecting them all prior to starting the quest is almost always faster than getting them as you go along. Here’s what you need:

  • Your preferred combat equipment and food to face the aforementioned enemy.
  • You will want six free inventory spaces for things you pick up on the quest.
  • Stamina potions can help reduce the length of the quest.
  • If you’ve got an Ectophial from Ghosts Ahoy, bring that. Ensure you recharge it before you go running out of the temple! Alternatively, you’ll want fairy ring code ALQ to access the quest location quickly.
  • Whilst not strictly required, a rake and seed dibber will save some time.
  • Some monsters can disease you, similar to the spiders you encountered in Jungle Potion. To prevent this, it’s recommended to bring Slayer gloves or Relicym’s balm. If the situation becomes dire with poison and combat, you would have to teleport out.
  • Before starting the quest, you’ll need to ensure you have the ability to have 47 Prayer points. Meaning, you shouldn’t start the quest with drained prayer points, unless you’re also bringing Prayer potions with you.


At the dock north-east of the Ectofuntus, you need to speak to Pirate Pete. You can get there using fairy-ring code ALQ, or better yet, using your Ectophial. When you talk to Pete, refuse the money (click the first option three times). Talk to Captain Braindeath to completion, and ensure you gain the Blindweed seed.

If you didn’t bring your own rake or seed dibber as recommended above, you’ll need to head down the ladder north-west of you. You’ll then need to search the cupboards directly south, and take the rake and seed dibber.

Exit the building, and head south. You’ll pass some zombies, and find some patches. Plant your Blindweed seed in the south-east. You will have to wait 5 minutes (in real-life time) for the plant to grow, and the game will notify you upon completion.

After it’s fully grown, collect your plant, and speak to Captain Braindeath again. Climb the ladder in the south-east, and place your blindweed in the hopper near the northwest side of the room.

Once more, speak to Captain Braindeath. Head west towards the bridge, open the gate. Ignore any stern warning you may receive, as you will not receive any damage. Head to the water source, and fill the bucket you received from the Captain. Head back to the hopper, and add your newly-collected water to the mixture. Instead of walking back, using an Ectophial and Pirate Pete is quicker.

You will now have to speak to the Captain for further instructions. After having spoken to him, head east or west of the patch where you planted the blindweed. You’ll need to fish 5 sluglings, and add them to the pressure barrel near the hopper. Ensure you do not untangle the Fishbowl/net. If you mistakenly did so, use the Fishbowl on the net to restore it back to the correct, tangled state. Put the 5 sluglings in the pressure barrel, and then hit the lever.

Report back to Braindeath, he’ll redirect you towards Davey. He’s located west of you. Proceed to use the holy wrench on the brewing controls. Note that you require at least 47 Prayer points for Davey to bless your wrench. At this point, you must prepare for combat.  You can safespot the boss behind the wooden pylons. Talk to Captain Braindeath, and then head down the ladder.

Kill one fever spider, which can also be safe spotted by positioning yourself near the ladder. The Fever spider is only level 49, compared to the Evil spirit which was level 150. You may think the spider is no formidable foe, but it is a Slayer monster. Without adequate protection, Slayer gloves, it will hit you for up to 10 hitpoints, consistently. To minimise damage, it is recommended to safespot and protect from melee. Remember, you only need to kill one fever spider and loot the corpse. If the corpse isn’t dropping, that means you didn’t complete the dialogue with the Captain fully.

The corpse that drops must then be placed in the hopper, and you need to speak to Captain Braindeath again. Now your brew will be successful, so at the south side of the brewery, you can collect your output. Speak to Captain Donnie near the zombie protesters, and for the final time, speak to Captain Braindeath.


After having completed the quest, you’ll receive 2 quest points. You also receive 7,000 experience in Fishing, Prayer, and Farming! You also gain an interesting tool: the Holy wrench. As long as it’s in your inventory when you drink prayer or restore potions, you will restore more prayer points than usual. Since you’ve completed this quest, you have also unlocked Cabin Fever and The Great Brain Robbery.

By the way, if you want to ask for more help, you can meet us in another guide.

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