OSRS Bounty Hunter Guide

OSRS Bounty Hunter Guide


If you’ve ever had the slightest inclination towards Player versus Player combat, there’s no better minigame than Bounty Hunter! In Old School RuneScape, PvP can feel quite aimless and random: Bounty Hunter aims to add some structure and purpose to the craft.

Bounty Hunter has had a rough history within the game. In January 2020, the minigame was effectively removed due to bots farming the minigame. In April, the minigame was restored due to players being frustrated, and in July: emblem upgrades were restricted to 10 per day.

This guide will aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the minigame. If history is anything to go by, this minigame is clearly worth pursuing as a means of fun and reward.


The requirements are that you have a combat level of at least 30, though, for some features, you will need a combat level of at least 50. You will also need at least 20 quest points. Further, you need 48 hours of real-life time spent in the game on your current account (which is to prevent botting).

What really is Bounty Hunter?

This is an entirely fair and logical question. To explain this simply, let’s ignore the rewards aspect, to instead focus on the mechanics at play. Bounty Hunter actually completely transforms the way the wilderness works, as such, you must be on a Bounty Hunter world. The current worlds are 329 and 510, both of which are only available for members.

One thing to understand is that this is PvP - just because it is a minigame doesn’t afford you any special protection in regard to your items and status. Hardcore Ironmen are free to participate at the expense of possibly losing their status. Even if you’re an Ultimate Ironmen, understand that you will lose any item that you have stored in any ‘item retrieval service’. For example, if you’ve died at Vorkath, Torfinn usually holds your items from your last death. He’d charge you 100,000 OSRS gold to provide you back your items. If you die during this minigame, any items he stored are lost, likewise with any other ‘item retrieval service’. This is the nature of any such service, as they will discard your items from any ‘unsafe death’. One element that classifies as an unsafe death is PvP.

Once you’re in a Bounty Hunter world, and you enter the wilderness, the minigame automatically begins - providing you have an Antique emblem or 20,000+ gold in your inventory.  You can also place some coins in the Emblem Trader’s coffer instead of carrying the gold with you. You’ll receive a target that is matched to you based on your combat level. This means if you’re a high-level player, you’re not really matching against pure accounts, you’re going against someone of your calibre.

The interface provides you details of where your opponent actually is and has their full details. You’ll know their username and their combat level, and which wilderness level range they’re located within.  Your target will be skipped if they leave the wilderness for over two minutes. If you’re the one skipping targets through that method, doing it excessively will backfire on you. This is because if you skip 5 targets within a 30-minute duration, you no longer will receive any targets for 30 minutes.  

However, you can skip your target without any repercussions if they’re not currently skulled, they do not have an antique emblem, or they’re in a multi-combat area (which prevents clans). A lesser cooldown from 30 minutes to 3 minutes is also applied if the targets are over 5 wilderness levels away.

After you kill your target, as well as receiving some points, you have a chance to obtain an antique emblem. If you already have an antique emblem, you instead have a chance on upgrading the tier of the emblem. The best way to have a higher chance of upgrading is by risking more. Killing higher-level targets than you will increase your chances of an upgrade, as well as carrying higher tier antique emblems. Understand that if you die, your higher tier antique emblem becomes the property of your opponent, so the reward is balanced with the risk.

What are Bounty Tasks?

These are randomly assigned tasks that are given to you, that reward 10 points for each completion. Once a task is assigned, you’re under a 20-minute timer. You will not receive any bounty task unless you are at least combat level 50. There are many tasks you can receive, some examples include:

  • Killing your target without using Protect Item
  • Killing your target without body (chest) armour
  • Kill your target without any stat boosts

Some tasks are difficult to complete, such as the second one in the above list. In that case, you can skip it or just ignore it. You can skip up to three bounty tasks on a daily basis.

The main draw to Bounty Tasks is the points, and the fact that if you complete them, you’re given a higher chance to receive antique emblems. These tasks are however completely optional.

What are Hotspots?

As with Bounty Tasks, you must have a combat level of at least 50, but also have an antique emblem with you. These hotspots are randomly selected every 20 minutes and include multi-combat regions as well as single-combat regions. Should a multi-combat region be selected (which you should avoid due to clans), the next region will always be a single-combat one. Some examples of hotspots include but are not limited to Lava Maze, Lava Dragon Isle, Chaos Temple, and many more. You will have to face NPC monsters in these areas, which can also be leveraged against you by your opponent in multi-combat areas.

Hotspots are always optional to fight in. However, each kill in a hotspot rewards triple points and gives a higher chance of upgrading your antique emblem. If your current killstreak within your current wilderness session is 2 or higher, if you roll an upgrade, it will upgrade your antique emblem and your target’s emblem.


There are many rewards from the minigame. On top of the loot and gold you get from each kill, there are some items that are exclusive to Bounty Hunter.  For example, for 1,200,000 points you can get a Rune Pouch in the form of a note. You can sell this for around 1,500,000 gold on the Grand Exchange or get a Rune Pouch for yourself. If you didn’t get it from Bounty Hunter, you’d have to get it from 750 points in Slayer reward points.  You can visit the emblem trader in Edgeville for a full list of his current stock, on any bounty hunter world.

The main reward from the minigame is actually fun. PvP can be extremely difficult and, at times, even rage-inducing. You’ll likely die multiple times: fear not, this is part of the process! Many people improve extensively just by playing and applying themselves at the minigame. You’ll also be facing opponents who are similar to your current level. Thus, Bounty Hunter is ultimately about developing your skill in the realm of Player versus Player combat in Old School RuneScape.

The guide is end here, you can see more guide like OSRS Venenatis Guide if you are interest in.

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