OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide

OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide


The 130th quest in-game and one of the only two quests made specifically for OSRS gold. Abigale seeks help for her injured boyfriend Hewey after being attacked by an unknown figure when they were escaping from a house party in a spooky manor on a faraway island. She needs your help to stop the cryptic killer before her other friends suffer a similar fate.

Items Required

· Bucket

· Tinderbox

· Knife

You can either buy the items before-hand or obtain it during the quest.

To start this quest, speak to Abigale or Hewey who can be found at the southeast corner of Lumbridge Swamp. They will talk to about their escape from the house party at a faraway island. Now, board the boat that is just south of them and it’ll take you to a small island where you will be able to see a mansion that is the exact resemblance of the Draynor Manor. Enter the gate and keep heading west until you reach a barrel that is filled with water.

If you don’t have a bucket, you can find one near the fountain that is on the west path after entering the gates of the manor.

Search the barrel and a cutscene will appear. In this scene, Sid gets stabbed by a dark, shadowy figure. Once the cutscene ends, use the bucket in your inventory on the barrel of water, then search the barrel to obtain the key that will give you access to the manor. Use the key on the front door and enter.

If you don’t have a knife already, you can pick on from the table upon entering the manor.

Now, head all the north and try opening the door to the east that has a pink handle. Here, another cutscene appears where the same dark, shadowy figure stabs Tayten. When the cutscene ends, you’ll notice that the killer has left you a note. Pick it up, read it and head back towards the front door and enter the room that is to the west. Inside the room, you’ll find a painting on the northeast corner of the east wall. Use the knife in your inventory with the painting, and a hidden compartment will open which you’ll have to search to obtain a Ruby key. Walk out of the room and head back to the room with the pink handled doorknob to use the key on that you’ve obtained.

Grab a tinderbox from the shelves on the south wall and use it on the barrel in the room. You’ll notice that it is too dampened to light and that you’ll need to light all four candles around the room first. The order in which you light the candles doesn’t matter, so light the barrel once you’ve lit the candles and exit the room.

Upon leaving the room, there will be a loud explosion. Go back and you will see a damaged wall, climb over and run north around the mansion for another cutscene. The killer has now taken a hostage named Lacey and wants to play a game with her. He asks her about her favourite scary quest and she replies that it is the one with the vampire that lives under the house. When the killer asks her the name of the quest, you’ll have options on your chat box to choose.

It doesn’t matter what option you choose, the killer will kill her anyway.

Leaving another note, the cutscene ends. Pick it up, read it and solve the riddle on the note. The riddle says “It's like music to my ears" which is referred to as the piano in the house, and "The glorious sounds that spell out your fate” is referred to your death. The answer to the riddle is that you’ll have to spell out DEAD on the piano. Now, run back east until you find the room with a piano and play the word DEAD on it. Once that’s done, you’ll receive another note that says, "There is a clicking sound as the compartment on the piano unlocks." Right-click to search the piano and you’ll obtain the Emerald key.

Run back to the room that you had exploded and climb over the crumbled wall to make your way back into the main room of the house. Head north and use the Emerald key on the green handled doorknob to the west. Enter the room and try opening the door to the room that has Mandy in it, and this will trigger another cutscene.

Once Mandy is stabbed, the killer will leave another note which will have a poem written it. To solve this poem, take the first letter of each sentence to make the word HEARTH, which is referred to as a fireplace. So, head back to the room with the candles (Exploded room) and enter the room that has a fireplace. To search the fireplace, you’ll have to first use your knife on it and then obtain the gems. Now, to solve the next part of the riddle, take the last letter of each sentence and that’ll give you the order of how to put the gems in. The order is sapphire, diamond, zenyte, emerald, onyx and ruby. Put the gems and search the fireplace again to obtain the Sapphire key.

Go back through the room with the candles and head west into the room with the painting. Use the key on the blue handled doorknob and another cutscene will appear. After the scene ends, the final fight will begin. During this fight, the killer will attack you by opening wardrobes and throwing knives at you. All you have to do is place mirrors in front of whichever wardrobe the killer pops out from and after three successful hits, you will win the fight.

You can figure out which wardrobe the killer is in by the orb that shows up above.

After the fight ends, the final cutscene begins where you unmask the killer only to find out that it was Abigale with her partner, Hewey. She will start giving a speech and then suddenly stab Hewey. When that happens, pick up his knife and stab her. Upon leaving the room, Abigale will try to stab you, but you don’t have to worry as Mandy will come out with her Bandos God Sword to rescue you. Once that’s over, head outside the manor and speak to Mandy and the quest will be completed. Congratulations!

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