RS3 Fishing Guide - How to Level Up Faster?

RS3 Fishing Guide - How to Level Up Faster?


In RuneScape 3, players can go on fishing trips to various locations on the map and catch some fish in their free time. Fishing contributes to leveling up various other skills, including cooking as you cook fish to consume it. If you are badly hurt in a fight against a big monster, consuming some fish to restore hit points is the best approach.

The biggest reason people go fishing instead of other similar skills is the fishing cape you can wear with other outfits. If you have some extra fish in your bag, you can sell it in the market for some cash. Here is the complete rs3 fishing guide that you can follow to reach fishing level 99 in no time at all.  

Tips for leveling

The best tip for leveling fishing and other similar skills is always taking breaks between leveling. Don’t try to level up in one go and enjoy other things in the game. This way, you will stay motivated and complete the leveling instead of leaving it in the middle, starting something new.

Work closely with your allies and find an empty world where nobody will disturb you so you can catch fish for as long as you want. The biggest benefit of working in a team is all the extra experience points without worrying about someone stealing your fishing spot.

Fastest Fishing leveling method

Before starting with the leveling, you should visit Hank in a fishing shop on the north side of the Lumbridge castle to claim your free crayfish cage from him. If you have some extra money left in your pocket, you should invest in a fishing rod, feathers, fly fishing rod, and bait.

You don’t have to worry about a shortage of feathers as you can buy them from the grand exchange whenever you want. To make some money while leveling fishing, you can fish lobsters, monkfish, sharks, and rock tails as they sell at a better price in the open market for runescape gold(or buy gold from here).  

    ● 1-10 Fishing

You should go with crayfish for a good start to your fishing journey as you have already got a free crayfish cage from hank. Shrimps are also good for earlier fishing, but you need to buy a separate small fishing net from the fishing shop. Some of the best spots on the map to catch crayfish includes east of the Lumbridge church and west of the farm of Fred.

    ● 10-20 Fishing

At this point, you are aware of how fishing leveling works, so it is finally time to increase your pace. Use the fishing rod and tie the bait at the end of the fishing line to catch the herring fish. Northwest Bank of draynor village, the east side of Lumbridge Swamp, and the south bank of al kharid are some of the best spots for fishing.

    ● 20-48 Fishing

After reaching level 20, you should start catching trout and salmon fish high in demand, but they require a fly-fishing rod and some feathers as bait. The salmon fish unlocks after level 30, and the river on the west side of the goblin house is the best place for fishing. The river on the east side of the barbarian village and Shilo village are alternatives to the first locations.

    ● 48-99 Fishing

This is the longest phase in leveling the fishing skill, and you need to work hard to reach level 99. Before starting this phase of fishing, go to otto on the map and get your barbarian rod. The otto is located on the east of the tree gnome stronghold.

Getting the rod is one thing, but you still need level a minimum of level 30 strength and agility. Avoid these steps if you are skilled in RuneScape 3 and fish salmon and trout for experience points. At level 48, fish the leaping trout and use a knife to cut it up into fish offcuts and roe.

Go for the leaping salmon after reaching level 58, and the game goes with the leaping salmon fish. The leaping sturgeon requires level 45 strength and agility, but you will have enough power to fish them at fishing leveling 70.

Best Fishing Tools

Fishing is a vast skill in RuneScape 3 with many fishes of different sizes, and you need a different rod to catch specific fish. Below are all the tools and baits you need to catch the desired fish in the game.

    ● The crayfish cage doesn’t require a bait

    ● The Small Fishing net doesn’t require a bait

    ● The Fishing rod requires living minerals or fishing bait

    ● The Fly-Fishing rod requires feathers

    ● The Lobster port doesn’t require a bait

    ● The Harpoon doesn’t require a bait

    ● The Barbarian rod requires feathers.

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