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    Extremely fast delivery and amazing customer service through the live chat. I accidentally placed multiple orders due to issues with payment and they were quick to refund me.

    May-29-2020, 16:43:02 PST
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    Thank you, love the service!
    May-29-2020, 00:15:36 PST
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    A pleasant transaction, their work efficiency satisfied me
    May-29-2020, 00:15:21 PST
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    First time buyer. They had what I needed in stock on the right server. I made a purchase then opened their live chat. The simple conversation was actually rather refreshing as the operator spoke reasonable english. They made their way to me and maybe 10 - 15 mins later I had what I ordered. Job well done, well done indeed. 
    May-02-2020, 19:08:32 PST
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    Ordered 100 million within 20 minutes of receiving the call, everthing is ok!
    Apr-16-2020, 18:04:42 PST
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    fast delivery, smoothly
    Apr-08-2020, 18:36:47 PST
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    easy to buy,A++
    Mar-28-2020, 01:11:35 PST
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    I've used these guys for over 10 years, legit

    Mar-26-2020, 11:49:10 PST
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    Amazing!!! Legit Sellers...I will be back.
    Mar-25-2020, 19:01:19 PST
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    100% service, great work. Live Chat was helpful and quick responsive.
    Mar-25-2020, 18:59:57 PST
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