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Why Buy RS3 Gold From Winrsgold?

Winrsgold has been the best place to purchase all your OSRS and RS3 services, gold and accounts for the last 10+ years. Our 24/7 English speaking support staff are always online to help you buy or sell your Runescape 3 Gold.

We always strive to sell our rs gold at fair prices compared to our competitors and as such are usually one of the cheapest providers for OSRS Gold, Runescape 3 Gold, Old School Accounts, and more. Be sure to check out all our Runescape services and talk to our live chat if you ever have any questions regarding our Runescape 3 Gold prices or procedure.

What is RS3 or Runescape 3?

Runescape 3 is the original version of Runescape that came out in 1999 by a British game development company, Jagex. Jagex has released many failed games over the years but only one game became truly popular - Runescape. Over the years - the old runescape has now become OSRS and the new EOC combat system has transformed Runescape 3 into another game entirely when compared to 1999-2007 Runescape!

Although Runescape’s player base has steadily decreased due to growing concerns over MTX and an aging player base - the hardcore fanbase of RS3 is still alive and well!

What is RS3 Gold?

RS3 Gold / RS Mills / Runescape Gold are all abbreviated ways to say Runescape 3 gold. Rs3 Gold is the in game currency used to buy and sell items in Runescape 3. The items you can buy using RS3 Gold are nearly limitless but some of the more popular categories of items bought and sold are food, potions, skilling supplies, armour, weapons. Some of the more popular items bought and sold are weapons like the noxious scythe, noxious bow, drygore weapons, rocktails, sharks, overload supplies, and green dragonhide.

When dealing with Runescape mills, people usually talk about gold in 1 million coin increments or in mills. As such, 1m osrs gold is 1,000,000 gold.

How much does Runescape 3 Gold Cost?

Runescape 3 gold or RS3 gold is the cheapest variant of Runescape gold. You can purchase 1 million rs gold for just around $0.15 or 100m for $15. At these prices - even the most expensive items in-game only cost up-to $100-$200 to buy!

Most websites currently have minimum purchase limits like 10m, 25m or 100m. Our site allows you to purchase as little as 5m rsgp. You can also usually find coupons to various runescape gold shops to lower the cost even more if needed.

Is buying Runescape 3 Gold Safe?

Buying RS3 gold is currently one of the safest RWT actions you can perform in the game. This is because most websites have been trading RS3 gold for well over a decade and know how to evade bans really well.

The first thing you need to do when trying to be safe buying gold is to purchase your gold from a trusted seller like us. We will do our best to employ strict trading practices with leveled older accounts, multiple mule transfers, and safe hand farmed gold to lower the risk of bans overall.

Another of the best ways to eliminate the chance of account bans is to use an alt account when buying or selling rs mills to give your main account a buffer between our accounts and yours. You can also use a VPN/Proxy when buying or selling rsn gold but that is not currently required!

How much RS Gold Should I Buy?

When deciding how much Rs3 Gold to purchase the most important thing to think about is what you will be using the gold for? If all you want to do is level up some skills 250m might be enough, but if you are looking to get full tier 90 weapons and armour you will need upwards of 400m Runescape 3 gold!

The one thing that is for certain is that you need Runescape gold to do pretty much anything in old school runescape and the easiest way to get Rs3 mills is by buying it from Winrsgold!

Why should I buy Runescape Mills?

You may be tempted to just grind out the game and earn your own gold rather than spending your real life hard earned money on Runescape 3 gold. That really is a bad idea because making gold in game is very slow. The fastest methods clock in at only around 10-15m rsgp per hour. If you convert that to USD that comes out to you working at $2 per hour. Now if you just work one hour at your job earning at a minimum $10, you could buy around 90m rs3gp.

Looking at the math, it only makes sense to purchase rs3 gold rather than earning it yourself.

How can I buy Runescape 3 Gold from you?

Buying rs3gold from us is very easy, all you need to do is navigate to the Winrsgold website on a secure https connection and navigate to our Runescape Gold section.

Once you are here, you need to then enter the amount of gold you want to buy based on the guide we had earlier on this page.

After choosing, you then need to click on the buy now button. On the next screen you will be given the opportunity to enter your character name so we know which account to trade, and your email address so we can contact you later. You can also add a coupon code if you have one.

Finally you need to choose your payment method. We currently offer many methods like Credit Card, Paypal, WebMoney, Skrill, MoneyGram, bitcoin, Western Union, wechat , yandex money, pay, boleto, and more. After choosing your payment method, you can then click the checkout button and you will be redirected to our payment page.

You can then make your payment and you are done buying your gold. Your rs3 gold will be delivered to your account by talking to a live chat agent.

We hope you learned something from our comprehensive Runescape 3 Gold webpage. Please be sure to consider using Winrsgold for all your Runescape needs! Be sure to let our livechat know if you have any questions or want to purchase RS3 Gold today.

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