OSRS What Lies Below Quest Guide

OSRS What Lies Below Quest Guide


A cart of a travelling trader was attacked by local outlaws, he is now stranded south of Varrock and needs the help of a hero to recover his lost documents. But wait, that’s not all? The Varrock Palace Secret Guard (VPSG) are on a trail of treacherous dealings with the Monks of Zamorak!

How will you help the VSPG and uncover what lies below? Ah yes, this guide can help you through your journey in completing the quest. So, Goodluck.

Quest Requirements

        Rune Mysteries (A novice level Free-to-play quest)

Skill Requirements

        35 Runecrafting

        42 Mining to use the shortcut to Chaos altar (Although, it’s not required if you’re using the Abyss).

Items Required

A Bowl Bronze Pickaxe (Specifically required, if you don’t access through the Abyss)

        15 Chaos Runes

A Chaos Talisman or Tiara (If you have access to the Abyss, you don’t need one)


        A weapon to kill the Outlaws

        Chronicle or a Combat Bracelet for teleports to south Varrock

        Varrock Teleports

         Axe (hatchets) to use canoe

        Amulet of Glory or Ring of Wealth to teleport to the outlaw camp

High enough combat skills, decent armour and weapon to defeat 5 Outlaws (Level 32) and King Roald (Level 47) is also recommended.

To start the quest, Talk to Rat Burgess on the road between Varrock and Lumbridge, by the crossroads to the Exam Centre. He will tell you that a bunch of Outlaws have attacked his trading cart and stole five papers  from him. Asking for your help, he will hand you an empty folder to keep them in.

Now, head over to the Outlaws. They are located south of the fairy ring, west of Grand Exchange; from the Grand Exchange, you can use a shortcut (Requires 21 Agility) to get to the location easily.

Once you’ve reached their camp, kill five of the outlaws to retrieve Rat’s papers, and then use them on the folder to complete it. You should now return to rat and hand him over the folder, he will then ask you to deliver an item called ‘Letter to Surok’  to Surok Magic in the library of Varrock Palace.

On the north side of the 1st floor of the palace . Give him the letter, he will then destroy it and tell you that he can turn plain clay into OSRS gold bars. But he’ll need two items, an ordinary bowl and an infused wand . Before you leave, he’ll give you Sin’keth’s diary  and a wand so you can infuse it with chaos.

In the next part, you’ll have 3 options to choose from, according to the advantages (requirements) you already have.

First, head over to the Chaos Altar which is located in level 9 Wilderness, just north of the Edgeville Monastery. You’ll need a chaos talisman, chaos tiara or access to the Abyss. Don’t forget to bring the required 15 chaos runes to use on the altar.

Option 1

Make your way through the maze after entering through the entrance of the Chaos altar that is in the wilderness. This may be time consuming as the maze can get frustrating.

Option 2

You can read the Sin’keth’s diary and then go east of Varrock. Head towards south – west of the Lumberyard and west of the Earth altar. There, you will find a statue of Saradomin. Talk to the NPC named Anna Jones there, and she will give you a bronze pickaxe. Use the pickaxe to excavate the statue and an entrance to the Tunnel of Chaos will reveal. Entering the tunnel, you will find out that the Dagon’hai organisation lives there, keep heading north until you see a portal. Now, this portal will lead you directly to the second level of the Chaos Maze. Head east by clicking the platform with a ladder that you can climb up but do not climb up this ladder. Next head slightly south, then west to the ladder that you can climb down. Lastly, walk east to reach the altar.

Option 3

Quite an easy option if you’ve completed the mini quest ‘Enter the Abyss’. If so, you can travel straight to the Chaos altar via Abyss, by talking to the Mage of Zamorak. The mage is located north of Edgeville.

Once you’ve reached, use your wand on the altar and it will absorb the 15 chaos runes in your inventory, turning the wand into an infused wand. Now, return to the library and talk to Surok Magis with the infused wand and ordinary bowl. He will then give you Surok’s letter.

You should now head back to Rat, and deliver the letter to him. Rat will then tell you the truth that he is actually the commander of VSPD (Varrock Palace Secret Guard) and that Surok Magis is an enemy, who is planning on taking over the kingdom of Misthalin by using a mind-control spell on King Roald. Rat will then ask you to go to the owner of the staff shop Zaff in Varrock, in order to prepare a spell to counteract Surok’s.

When you talk to Zaff, he will give you a beacon ring and Zaff’s instructions (Quest item) on how to arrest the enemy Surok Magis. The final scene begins! Get your gear ready for a fight and head to Surok Magic (who will now be wearing Dagon’hai robes). He will then cast his spell on King Roald, and you will have to fight him. Just as you’re about to defeat him a message ‘Now would be a good time to summon Zaff!’ will appear in the chat box. Now, use the operate option on the Beacon ring by right – clicking it and summon Zaff.

He will arrive and save King Roald by teleporting him away. Zaff then casts a spell on Surok Magis to seal him away forever in the library. To clean up the evidence of battle, Zaff casts another spell. Also, you’ll now be able to purchase battlestaves from Zaff’s Superior Staffs!

To finish the quest and claim your reward, return to Rat Burgiss and talk to him. Quest complete!

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