OSRS Kandarin Diary Guide

OSRS Kandarin Diary Guide


What is Kandarin Diary? Well, it’s a set of achievement diaries whose tasks revolve around areas in and near the northern part of Kandarin, such as Seers' Village, Catherby and the Barbarian Outpost. Players can claim their achievement rewards from the ‘Wedge’, who is located by the castle entrance just outside Camelot.

Players can claim rewards from the hard tasks only if they’ve completed the tasks from easy and medium category in order.

The tasks are split into four categories based on their difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite. The easiest tasks may not require any significant skill to complete, but the tasks in the higher categories require high skill levels and difficult quests completed. So, let’s begin!


Catch a mackerel at Catherby. The spot to fish mackerels can be found at the Catherby beach. You’ll need a fishing level of 16, along with a Big fishing net to catch them.Buy a candle from the candle maker in Catherby. The candle shop is located just a little west of the town’s bank. Make sure you have 3 osrs gold coins in your inventory to buy the candle.

Collect 5 flax from the Seers’ Village flax field. The flax field is located just south of Seers’ Village and west of Catherby.

Play the Church organ in the Seers’ Village church. Walking north – west of the flax field, you’ll find the church.

Plant jute seeds in the farming patch north of McGrubor’s Wood. The woods are located west of Seers’ Village; you’ll need to squeeze through some railings at the back to enter the area. 3 jute seeds, rake and a seed dibber, along with a farming level of 13 is required to plant the seeds.

Have Galahad make you a cup of tea. You can find him the house just west of McGrubor’s Wood.

Defeat one of each elemental in the Elemental workshop. You can find the workshop by entering the building west of Seers’ Village bank and climbing down the stairs. You’ll need to have started the quest ‘Elemental Workshop (i)’ and you must have a battered key in order to open the door. It is advised that you bring a weapon along with you to fight against NPCs of level of 34-35.

Get a pet fish from harry in Catherby

Harry’s shop is located in the eastern part of Catherby. You’ll need a fishbowl filled with water, seaweed and 10 gold coins in your inventory when you talk to harry.

Buy a stew from Seers’ Village pub. The bar is in between the pillory and the anvil room of the town. Have 20 gold coins in your inventory in order to buy the stew.

Speak to Sherlock. Sherlock is located in between the Sorcerer’s Tower and Keep Le Faye.

Cross the Coal truck log shortcut. An agility shortcut found near the coal trucks west of Seers’ Village. You’ll need an agility level of 20 to cross the log.


· Kandarin headgear 1

· The Flax keeper will exchange 30 noted flax daily for 30 noted bow strings.

· Coal trucks hold 140 coal.

· 5% more marks of grace on Seers' Village Rooftop Course.

· Easy lamp (2,500 experience in any skill over level 30).


Complete a lap of the Barbarian agility course. The course is located north-west of Baxtorian Falls and north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You’ll need an agility level of 35 and completion of the quest ‘Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl’ is required.

Create a Superantipoison potion from scratch in the Seers/Catherby area. 48 Herblore and items; Vial of water, irit leaf and unicorn horn dust are needed to make the potion.

Enter the Ranging Guild. Located between Seers’ village and East Ardougne. One must have level 40 ranged in order to enter.

Use the grapple shortcut to get from the water obelisk to Catherby shore. Mith grapple, any crossbow, dusty key/steel key ring or 70 Agility is needed, along with level 36 agility, level 22 strength, level 39 ranged to cross. It is recommended to bring Anti-dragon shield and anti – poison with you.

Catch and cook a bass in Catherby. The spot is located on the shore just east of the bank. You’ll need a fishing level of 46 and a Big fishing net to catch the fish and level 43 cooking in order to cook it.

Teleport to Camelot. You’ll need 5 air runes, 1 law rune and a magic level of 45. The teleport will be available in the normal magic spell book.

String a maple short bow in Seers’ Village bank. A maple short bow (u), bow string and fletching level of 50 is required.

Pick some limpwurt root from the farming patch in Catherby. The patch is located just north of Catherby. You’ll need limpwurt seed, rake, seed dibber and a farming level of 26 to grow and pick the roots.

Create a mind helmet. A mind bar, hammer, beaten book, battered key (to enter), elemental ore and 4 pieces of coal is required. Also, completion of the quest ‘Elemental Workshop (ii)’.

Kill a fire giant in waterfall dungeon. This dungeon is a set of connected caverns beneath Baxtorian falls and can be accessed after the completion of ‘Waterfall Quest’. You’ll need a rope and decent combat equipment.

Complete a wave of Barbarian Assault. Self-explanatory – go do the minigame!

Steal from the chest in Hemenster. A fishing town located on the road that connects Seers’ village and East Ardougne. You’ll need a lockpick and 47 Thieving to steal, you can find the chest between the range and the anvil.

Travel to McGrubor’s Wood by Fairy ring. Completion of the quest ‘Fairytale (ii) – Cure a Queen’ and a Dramen or Lunar staff

Mine some coal near the coal trucks. Follow Easy Task (Number 11) to get there. 30 Mining is required, along with any pickaxe to mine.


· Kandarin headgear 2

· 10% extra experience when cutting maple trees in Seers' Village (stacks with the Lumberjack outfit).

· The Flax keeper will exchange 60 noted flax daily for 60 noted bow strings.

· Coal trucks hold 280 coal.

· 10% more marks of grace from Seers' Village Rooftop Course.

· 5% increased chance to save a harvest life from the Catherby herb patch.

· Medium lamp (7,500 experience in any skill over level 40).


Catch a leaping sturgeon. Leaping sturgeon is a fish which requires 70 fishing, 45 strength and 45 agility, along with a barbarian rod, fishing bait or feathers to be caught. Quest ‘Barbarian Training – Fishing’ must be completed.

Complete a lap of the Seers’ Village Rooftop Course. The course can be started by climbing up the wall near the entrance of Seers’ village bank. Agility level of 60 is required.

Create a yew long bow from scratch around Seers’ village. Items you’ll need is a woodcutting axe, bow string, knife, with levels 70 fletching, 60 woodcutting and 10 crafting.

Enter the Seers' Village courthouse with Piety turned on. The court house is located south – east of the bank. In order to access it, you’ll have to complete the quest ‘King’s Ransom’. Piety requires 70 defence and 70 prayer to use.

Charge a water orb. Follow Medium Task (Number 4) to get there. You’ll need 30 water runes, 3 cosmic runes, unpowered orb, dusty key or level 70 agility and a magic level of 59 to charge the orb.

Burn some maple logs with a bow in Seers’ village. Any bow (except Ogre bow, Crystal bow, Twisted bow, Dark bow, Craw's bow, or Cursed goblin bow), Maple logs and a firemaking level of 65 is required.

Kill a shadow hound in the Shadow Dungeon. To access the dungeon you’ll need to have started the quest ‘Desert Treasure’. Requirement; Ring of visibility, decent combat equipment and a thieving level of 53.

Kill a Mithril dragon. Mithril dragons are located in the ancient caverns. To access the area, you’ll need to complete ‘Barbarian Firemaking’ training. It is recommended to bring a good combat gear and anti-dragon shield along with you.

Purchase and equip a granite body from Barbarian Assault. Combat equipment to pass through waves 1-10 and 95,000 gold coins. Strength and defence level 50 are required in order to wear the body.

Have the Seers estate agent decorate your house with Fancy Stone. Talk to the estate agent, with 25,000 coins in your inventory and a construction level of 50.

Smith an adamant spear at Otto’s Grotto. Located west of Baxtorian Falls, you can also rub a games necklace to get here. Requirement; ‘Barbarian Smithing’ training, 75 Smithing, yew logs, adamantite bar and a hammer.


· Kandarin headgear 3

· 1 Antique lamp worth 15,000 experience in any skill over level 50.

· Thormac will now enchant Battlestaves for 30,000 coins (rather than 40,000).

· The Flax keeper will exchange 120 noted flax daily for 120 noted bow strings.

· Coal trucks hold 308 coal.

· Ability to toggle Camelot Teleport to just outside the Seers' Village bank.

· 15% more marks of grace from Seers' Village Rooftop Course.

· 10% more reward points from Barbarian Assault.

· 10% increased chance of your enchanted bolts special effect activating (even in PvP).

· 10% increased chance to save a harvest life from the Catherby herb patch.


Read the blackboard at Barbarian Assault after reaching level 5 in every role. Pick some dwarf weed from the herb patch at Catherby Requirement; Dwarf weed seed, seed dibber, spade, rake, ultra-compost and a farming level of 79.

Fish and cook 5 sharks in Catherby (at the range next to the bank) using the Cooking gauntlets. In order the obtain the gauntlets, you’ll need to complete ‘Family Crest’. A harpoon, cooking gauntlets, fishing level 76 and cooking level 80 is required.

Mix a stamina mix on top of the Seers’ village bank. ‘Barbarian Herblore’ training needs to be completed. Items; Stamina potion (2) and caviar is required, along with levels 86 herblore and 60 agility.

Smith a rune hasta at Otto's Grotto. Follow Hard Task (Number 11) to get there. You’ll need a smithing level of 90, runite bar, magic logs and a hammer in order to smith the item.

Construct a pyre ship from magic logs Completion of ‘Barbarian Firemaking’ training is required. You’ll need magic logs, chewed bones, tinderbox, any woodcutting axe, levels 85 firemaking and 85 fletching to construct a ship.

Teleport to Catherby. A magic level of 87 is required, along with 10 water runes, 3 astral runes, 3 law runes and completion of the quest ‘Lunar Diplomacy’.


· Kandarin headgear 4

· 1 Antique lamp worth 50,000 experience in any skill above 70

· Thormac will enchant Battlestaves for 20,000 coins (rather than 30,000).

· The Flax keeper will exchange 250 noted flax daily for 250 noted bow strings.

· The first 200 coal placed in the coal trucks every day are automatically transported to your bank.

· 50% discount from Otto when making Zamorakian spears into hastae.

· 15% increased chance to save a harvest life from the Catherby herb patch.

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