Old School Runescape: 11 Must-Have Slayer Items

Old School Runescape: 11 Must-Have Slayer Items


Slayer is probably the slowest ability in the grindy Old School RuneScape. You can anyway turn into somewhat more productive at it in a couple of ways. In the first place, utilizing less consumables alongside killing specific great lucrative slayer beasts will make you more productive by giving you XP, other than OSRS Gold.

Furthermore, saving stock space implies less plunder left on the ground and more plunder counted on back in less excursions. Getting extra or quicker experience is additionally helpful as it means more XP each hour, taking you closer to the 99s, or your powerful objective. To put it plainly, these things are an unquestionable requirement have on the grounds that they will make your slayer life a piece or much simpler.

The Ash Sanctifier

The Ash Sanctifier will assist you with getting detached petition XP like the Bonecrusher. You can guarantee it from Tyss whenever you have finished the Kourend and Kebos hard journal. The Ash Sanctifier should be accused of death runes to disperse the remains, and for every demise rune you use, you'll get ten charges. It will give you 50% of the XP you'd ordinarily get from dissipating the cinders with the hard journal, and 100% XP with the world class Kourend journal.

The Expeditious Bracelet

This slayer must-have thing is intended to accelerate the errands you detest by giving you a 25 percent chance that a beast you kill considers two, so you should utilize it on the assignments you disdain the most. It has 30 charges and one will get consumed each time the wristband enacts, so you possibly need to wear it when the slayer beast passes on. You can make the Expeditious Bracelet by utilizing LVL-1 charm on an opal arm band or by getting it from the Grand Exchange.

The Soul Bearer

To get the Soul Bearer you need to finish the miniquest Bear Your Soul which you can begin by perusing the book called Soul Journey, found in the Arceuus Library. The Soul Bearer is incredibly helpful for assignments with beasts that drop ensouled heads, like evil presences, savages, mythical beings, goliaths, dagannoths. It permits you to send the ensouled goes directly to your bank, consequently assisting you with saving stock space valuable for other plunder. The Soul Bearer consumes a charge for each ensouled head shipped off the bank and can be accused of one soul and one blood rune for every charge.

The Herb Sack

The Herb Sack is especially helpful in saving stock space. It is helpful for a ton of undertakings however very valuable for beasts that drop a great deal of spices like unusual ghosts, turoths, or kursaks. You can get it by getting it for 750 slayer focuses or 250 Tithe Farm focuses at 58 Herblore. It saves to 30 of each sort of spice, in their grimmy structure.

The Rune Pouch

The Rune Pouch is one of the things you should use for each assignment. It won't just assist you with your slayer undertakings, yet with many-numerous different exercises in OSRS. You can get it for 750 slayer focuses from slayer aces, for 75 Last Man Standing focuses from Justine's shop, or you can purchase its prominent structure from different players on the Grand Exchange. You can stockpile to 16k runes of three sorts in it.

The Bonecrusher

One of the most incredible accomplishment journal compensates, the Bonecrusher, will assist you with acquiring latent petition XP. Despite the fact that you'll require 70 petition to finish the hard Morytania journal, it will accelerate your approach to 99 assuming you carry it to all the slayer undertakings with beasts that drop bones. The Bonecrusher will inactively give you half of the petition XP you'd ordinarily get from physically covering the bones. You'll begin getting the full XP esteem once you complete the world class Morytania journal.

It doesn't work with charges like its debris partner, however you can in any case flip it on Buy RuneScape Gold or off if you have any desire to physically get the bones for the full petition XP or to project unresolved issues on them. The supplication reestablish impact in the Catacombs of Kourend chips away at the bones squashed by the Bonecrusher, so it will assist you with setting aside on the petition pots too.

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